How to Avoid Wrong Upkeep for Mazda 6 GPS Radio


Mazda 6 GPS Radio

Mazda 6 GPS Radio

It’s a latest Mazda 6 GPS radio with great functions, know more on:


Do you maintain your head unit in daily use? Do you do it right? Some people think that no upkeep for car stereos may bring damage to head units in a way. However, wrong upkeep methods do the same or even worse to head units, too.


What kind of methods is wrong in car stereos upkeep? You maybe can’t tell clearly. Let me show you some.


Car owners use rough dirty cloth to wipe the head unit; car owners use wet cloth to wipe the touch screen; car owners cover the head unit to avoid dust get into it when it’s working.


You may not notice that a soft cloth should be used to wipe the unit, and the touch screen should be cleaned by a dry tissue or soft cloth. And a cover may keep the head unit in a stuffy condition and stay the heat it reeks. This is no good to your head unit.


If you maintain your car stereo in daily usage, you should do it right so that it works and bring good effect to your head unit. You can refer to some upkeep methods from car stereo merchant or professional. Some user manuals contain the information, too. The following are some upkeep notes, you can also take them as reference.


In the first three times using, recharge the battery for 10 hours per time. Do not turn off the machine before you close the pages in it. If not, this may shorten the life of GPS service.



Please use touch pen to operate the unit. Keep sharp objects away from the GPS screen; avoid long time sun exposure to the control panel because large difference in temperature will not only shorten the service life of battery, but also lower the sensitivity of touch screen.


Dust protected should be paid attention to. Cover the protective cap often to stop dust come into the car DVD player. Use cotton swab to clean buttons. If the laser head needs cleaning, ask a professional to help will be better.


Please don’t throw, knock or shock the machine hard, it may ruin the unit. Don’t use strong chemicals or detergent to wash the unit. Keep away from radioactive or magnetic equipment when using the machine. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the screen, paper is not recommended.


Keep car DVD player dry. Close doors when washing the car. Be careful when cleaning car interior. Seldom use wet towel to wipe it and do not spray water or cleanser to it. After cleaning, use dry towel or tissues to wipe for one more time. Open doors and windows to ventilate for a while would be good, too.


That’s not all of the upkeep methods. You can search for more on website. You just need to follow the methods that you will not do the upkeep in a wrong way. Wish you enjoy this. If you are looking for a new head unit, you can take this Mazda 6 GPS radio as reference. It has many useful and amazing functions. let’s check out.

Mazda 6 GPS Radio

Mazda 6 GPS Radio


It supports iPod and iPhone music function. You can listen to any music in your iPod or iPhone freely.

It supports Bluetooth function. You can read call history(Dialed, Received, Missed), call back, read phone book and play music from cell phone.

It support 3G and WIFI network, you can search online and bookmark your favorite websites freely.


It can do many other things for you. You are welcome to know more functions on website. Here’s the link of this Mazda 6 GPS radio:

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