How to Clean the Touch Screen on Android 4.2 2013 Skoda Octavia GPS Sound System

Skoda Octavia GPS Sound System

Skoda Octavia GPS Sound System

Here’s a picture of 2013 Skoda Octavia GPS Sound System. It has many amazing functions, such as, GPS navigation system, IPod music, TV, Bluetooth, USB and SD card, car speed DVR, multi-point touch operation and so on. Check out on:


Many car stereo supports touch screen operation now. You are familiar with the operation because it’s similar to the operation in cell phones. There’s a touch pen for drivers to operate the head unit. But, as we know, most of us will use our fingers to operate the unit often.


It’s convenient to use finger to open different functions. However, you find the screen is full of fingerprints always. You may notice that and use tissue to wipe the screen, which is the same as you do to your cell phone. But this way is not good for touch screen upkeep. You should do it in correct way. If you don’t know how, I would like to give some suggestions.


Please prepare a soft cloth, for example, a microfiber cloth. If you have a cloth for you glasses or sunglass, you can use that, too. You should use the cloth to clean, but before you do it, please turn off the head unit.


Use the cloth to brush the screen gently. The cloth will remove most of the dirt on the screen. If you find that there are something cannot be removed by the cloth, such as, oil stains. You can use cleaning solutions to clean the screen. But do it gently and carefully.


After that, you can use a dry cloth wipe it or leave it in an airy place to dry. If it’s difficult for you to find a cloth, you can take a soft piece of tissue to clean. No matter which material you use, you should do it gently and in correct way.


If you think this is too troublesome to you, you can paste a protective film on the screen. The film can protect the screen in many cases, and you can wipe the film instead of the screen when you need to clean it. After long time use, you can change the film to another new one, too.


It’s simple and easy to clean the touch screen in your head unit. Wish you enjoy it. If you don’t have a touch screen head unit yet, you can check out this Skoda Octavia GPS Sound System to see whether it fits your car.


Skoda Octavia GPS Sound System

Skoda Octavia GPS Sound System

This unit has 7 inch 800*480 HD touch screen. And, it supports 1080p HD video. Its DVD player has anti shock memory and last position memory feature. And, it supports DVD/DIVX/MP4/MP3/MP2/VCD format.


It has Office tools, which support reading and editing official documents such as WORD/EXCEL/POWERPOINT/PDF/TXT. It’s convenient to car owners. You can DIY wallpaper, Illumination, main menu and so on in this unit. There are 37 OSD languages for choice in this unit. They are  Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Japanese ,Korean ,Arabic ,English (Australia),English (Canada) ,English (new Zealand),English (Singapore),English (United kingdom),English (United States) ,Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia ,Bahase Melayu ,Deutsch(Deutschland), Deutsch(Liechtenstein), Deutsch(schweiz), Filipino, Fancais(Belgique), Fancais(Canada), Fancais(France),Fancais(Suisse) ,Italiano(Italia), Italiano(Svizzera), Kiswahili, Latviesu, Magyar,Nederlands, Norsk bokmal,Polski, Portugues(Brasil), Portugues(portugal), Rumantsch, SlovenCina,Suomi, Svenska ,Pyccknn.


It has several optional functions, which will bring great help to drivers. The OBD II function will be one of them. After Bluetooth connection, you can get fault codes of the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, intake pressure, throttle position, air flow, computer load, car speed etc. You can base on the codes and deal with the problem in your car at intervals.


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