How to Deal with DVD Issues in Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD


Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD

Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD

It’s a Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD with great functions.


It has unique 3D flash graphics accelerator to achieve 3D cool three-dimensional & flash menu effect with flexible, professional, digital, graphical interactive.

It has built-in 20 disks virtual CD changer, which can download from CD/DVD to the head device.

It has built-in Analog TV tuner, which supports all TV systems.

It supports iPod and iPhone full control with charging function.

It supports 3G/Wi-Fi Internet with big keyboard.

It supports Multi-Lingual OSD.

It supports Bluetooth music, USB and SD card for GPS and entertainment.

It supports GPS navigation system with voice prompt and re-planning function.


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You find that it’s an all-in-one Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD. Suppose that you have this head unit in your car, you will find it helpful and brings lots of convenience to you during driving.


However, a great car stereo like this may also have some problems during using. The DVD issues may be familiar with some car owners. What kind of DVD problems we will meet during driving? The most frequent one would be the DVD warning.


Most of the DVD functions in head units will prompt you with a warning that drivers should not watch videos during driving. If you have passengers in the car who want to watch movies by DVD function, what you can do to solve this problem?


You may find that restart the function, or restart the unit both cannot help. Actually, it’s easy to deal with this problem. You just need to go to the setting interface, find the “brake” key, and set it off. Then, the DVD function can normally work during driving.


Another questions car owners may meet in DVD function would be discs get stuck in the player. This is not common to see, but you may do something wrong to cause this problem. Don’t put crooked discs into the DVD player. A broken disc may get stuck in the unit easily. When you are driving on a bumpy road, you’d better not keep discs in the DVD player, too. This disc in DVD player would be easily displaced and get stuck in it.


The following problem would be easily met in DVD function. The disc which is playing shows poor picture quality. However, when you play the disc in other device, it shows good. After playing several discs in a DVD player, and you find all of the discs show poor picture quality. Then, it’s time for you to clean the DVD laser.


Discs bring dust to DVD laser. And, as time goes by, it gets dirty. This makes DVD player goes wrong when working. You can try to clean it once or twice a month. All you need to do is prepare a qualified DVD lens and a cleaning brush, then, follow the instruction to clean it. If you don’t mind, you should also clean the discs often. Or, you can keep the discs in a clean place so that they are clean.


Wish you don’t meet more problems on DVD function.


Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD

Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD

The Suzuki Vitara GPS DVD at the beginning has great DVD function. You can not only watch Videos of DVD/DVD-R/DVD±RW/HDCD/CD-R/CD±RW/MP3/MP4/Picture CD/VCD/WMA format in it, but also record videos from menu of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB. The 2-zone function can keep the recording running when exit the video menu. After recording, you don’t need to input a disc to play videos any more, you can play videos in the unit directly.


It’s amazing that you’d better not miss it. More professional information and discount of this head unit is on website, wish you enjoy shopping:


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