How to Deal with GPS Issues in Android 4.2 2005-2010 VW Volkswagen Caddy In Dash Car Stereo


Volkswagen Caddy in Dash Car Stereo

Volkswagen Caddy in Dash Car Stereo

Here’s a picture of Android 4.2 2005-2010 Volkswagen Caddy in dash car stereo from Seicane online shop. It has many great functions.


It has 8 inch touch screen, which supports multi-point operation for zooming in and out pictures and controlling game character movement and so on. It supports steering wheel control. And, it supports Aux in for audio and video input and output with RCA video output, CAM IN video Input, video in, RCA audio FR/FL/RR/RL, subwoofer output and AUX audio R/L input.


It supports optional 3g dongle. You can enjoy convenient e-life whenever and wherever for online entertainment such as video, TV, movie, music, radio and online communication including YouTube, Twitter, MSN, Facebook and other services. You can also download, update or delete any APK via WIFI/3G.


It supports IPod and IPhone music. After connection, you can play all the songs in your IPod or IPhone freely. You can operate both in your device and in the head unit.


It supports OBD II car diagnose system. You can get fault codes of the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, intake pressure, throttle position, air flow, computer load, car speed and so on. You can base on the codes and deal with the problems in your car in time.


More about this Volkswagen Caddy in dash car stereo is on:


This head unit has latest navigation system, which provides accurate GPS satellite location. You can install an IGO map in it. The IGO map now supports 3D navigation and re-planning function. Once you set a route, and you drive off the road, the system will detect this and warn you by voice prompt no matter you are in which interface. What’s more, it will re-plan a new route for you base on your location and the destination.


You can also connect to WIFI or 3G network and use Google map online in this unit. It’s really convenient for drivers.


Volkswagen Caddy in Dash Car Stereo

Volkswagen Caddy in Dash Car Stereo

Since GPS navigation system is so important that if it breaks down, it drives drivers crazy. Some car owners turn on their GPS function but cannot locate their locations; some car owners find the GPS map cannot run in the unit; some car owners find the GPS function breaks down during using.


You will hardly meet these problems in this Volkswagen Caddy in dash car stereo. But if you do meet them, here are some solutions for your reference.


First, the location problem. This may cause by the signal connection. You can place the GPS antenna in another place. For example, put the GPS antenna on the cover plate of the trunk instead of to put it on the headstork. It would be easier to be interfered in the headstork than in the trunk of a car.


Second, the GPS map problem. You should make sure you have installed the map in your unit at first. If you have installed it, but it can’t work, you can copy the GPS map data to another SD card to see if another SD card can work well in the unit.


Third, the GPS break down problem. You can try the solutions of the second problem, too. Use another SD card to store the GPS map, and install it in the unit. GPS map in a high capacity SD card will run fast and well than in a so-so SD card. If you find the navigation system response slow often, you can try in this way.


Wish you enjoy the GPS function in your head unit. If you are interested in the head unit at the beginning of the text, you can know on:



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