How to Remove a 2001-2011 Nissan Frontier radio

Look at this picture,is it familiar?If you say yes,You probably are owners of Nissan Frontier.You want to get a new aftermarket radio to replace your factory radio?But some of you think it’s too trouble to remve the factory radio,or some of you have already tried and failed. To be honest, This Nissan Frontier radio is easy remove. The new aftermarket radio in waving to you.And what are you waiting for?Here is professional instruction.

Dash board

Dash board

Some safety notes


1)Please apply the parking brake before the upgrade.

2)Please disconnect the negative cable on the vehicle battery to ensure security.

3)Please prepare tools for the upgrade. A lever and a screwdriver are needed.

4)Please protect the front seats and trim panel during upgrade.

5 steps to remove Nissan Frontier radio

1)Disconnect the cable running to the negative battery terminal by loosening the nut on the cable clamp and pulling the cable off the negative terminal.

2)Remove the two screws above the Nissan Frontier radio opening with the head screwdriver.

Nissan Frontier radio removal step2

Nissan Frontier radio removal step 2

3)Pull the radio trim panel off. You may need to wedge a flat tip screwdriver under the trim and pry up on it to remove the trim. Use a clean rag to protect the trim from being accidentally scratched while prying up on the trim.

Nissan Frontier radio removal step 3

Nissan Frontier radio removal step 3

4)Remove the four screws holding the radio in place using a head screwdriver and pull the radio out.

Nissan Frontier radio removal step 4

Nissan Frontier radio removal step 4

5)Disconnect the radio antenna in the back of the radio and unplug the electrical plugs running to the back of the radio.

Nissan Frontier radio removal step 5

Nissan Frontier radio removal step 5

Of course,there may have other situations.You’d better ask some professionals for help at the first time.If the steps of radio ramoval are too difficult to you,you should go to a car radio shop to remove your factory radio.

Some of you may haven’t got a suitable aftermarket radio for your Nissan Frontier.Here is a good aftermarket car radio I want to share with you.It has many useful functions,such as bluetooth,3D navigation,car DVR and so on.More about this unit:

It supports 3D navigation maps with voice cues, cursors, road planning and so on. You can set routes and go to wherever you want easily. It is equipped with backup camera input for connecting rearview camera or intelligent security systems.

It also supports Bluetooth hand free, HD videos, IPod, IPhone, radio RDS and so on. It will bring fun and convenience to your journey.


This unit is pretty good,you can have a satisfied car life with this aftermarket Nissan Frontier radio.Please make sure it really fits your Nissan Frontier at first.Wish this essay can benefit you.


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