How to select a suitable car stereo with GPS navigation DVD player for your 2014 2015 Skoda Octaiva

First shows you a great Seicane Skoda Octaiva car stereo which is specially made for 2014 2015. It is loaded with the latest operating system Android 4.4.4 and a strong RK3188 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 Quad-core processor, which can greatly enhance the performance for your car radio and smooth the operation.


2014 2015 Skoda Octaiva car stereo after installation

2014 2015 Skoda Octaiva car stereo after installation


To upgrade the factory radio with a new aftermarket radio can bring you a lot of convenience and enjoyment while you are on the way. However, if it’s the first time for you to replace your factory radio, you may feel confused about how to choose an ideal car stereo. Here are some suggestions for you, you may take it as a reference if you are going to upgrade the factory radio in your 2014 2015 Skoda Octaiva.


First of all, you need to know the size of your original radio, and you can install a new one with the same size in your car. Generally speaking, there are two types of car stereo in the market, universal car stereo and specific car stereo. Universal car stereos can be used for most cars while specific ones are made for specific cars.


If you want to buy a universal car stereo, you need to measure the height of your original radio. At present, there are two categories of universal car stereos: single din and double din car stereos. If the height of your original radio is 2 inches(50mm), then you can select the single din car stereos. While double din car stereos are used for cars with a 4-inch(100mm) height radio.

It’s necessary for you to make sure the model of your car if you want to replace your original radio with a specific car stereo. In addition, the manufacture year of your car should also arouse your attention  for cars made in different years may come with different dashboard, which should also install different car stereos.


The compatibility of a new car stereo with your car is quite vital. You need to make sure the car stereo can fit your car and be installed in your car without any gap before you buy it. If you find it very hard for you to check the compatibility, you can send a photo of your dashboard to the dealer who can help you check if the car stereo can fit your car.


On the other hand, the stereo functions are crucial as well. What functions you use most or you need in your car? It’s suggested you think it over before you go to pick a car stereo, which can help you narrow down the choices when you go through the product market.


A suitable car stereo for your 2014 2015 Skoda Octaiva isn’t necessary to have all the functions that other car stereos have as well. The one with functions which can meet all your needs is the best one for you.


After you have some potential options, you can compare the product details which include the functions, parameters and price, etc. By comparing different car stereos, it’s easier for you to pick your ideal one.


If you are looking a suitable car stereo for your 2014 2015 Skoda Octaiva, I’d like to share an amazing Skoda Octaiva car stereo from Seicane with you, please click:


The powerful capabilities of this Skoda Octaiva car stereo will meet all you needs in a car radio, including GPS navigation, Bluetooth, DVD, CD, FM/AM radio, RDS, iPod, USB, SD, WIFI, etc. What’s more, the large 8 inch multi-touch screen with HD 1024*600 pixel resolution is excellent to operate everything and watch all kinds of videos and movies. Your steering wheel control can still work after installation, so you can easily control the volume on it.


Wish the abode guide can be helpful for you and enjoy your driving experience with your new Skoda Octaiva car stereo! Good luck to you!

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