How to solve the problem of the backup camera in a 2007-2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 head unit

Please look at the picture below, it’s a modern 2007-2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 head unit with a lot of features which can bring you the greatest convenience and enjoyment. It comes with a 3D GPS navigation system which can provide the most accurate direction and spoken guidance for you to get to your desired destination within the least time. You won’t get lost any more no matter where you go when you take this wonderful GPS navigation system with you.


2007-2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 head unit

2007-2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 head unit


To enjoy more features in a car, most car owners would like to upgrade their car accessories. Some of them will replace their factory radio directly, and some of them choose to add features they need to their car radio. If they don’t install a new head unit or a new accessory correctly, some functions can’t work well. The article mainly talks about the issue of the backup camera in a 2007-2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 head unit.


As a matter of fact, most cars don’t come with backup cameras. If you want to get the parking images to help you park easily, you need to add a rearview camera by yourself. The rearview camera should be installed in the place of your car’ s license plate light. To install the backup camera, you need to remove the license plate and put it aside, so that you can install it. Generally speaking, it will come with long enough cables for you to bypass. You need to check if the cable is placed well.


Since different backup cameras come with different shape, when you choose a rearview camera for your car, you need to pay attention if it can be well installed in the position of your license’s plate light.


After the installation of the rearview camera, you can turn it on and check if it works well. When you reverse your car, the screen of the head unit will automatically switch to parking images no matter which interface it is in. If it doesn’t change the interface, there are probably some problems of the rearview camera. What you can do now is that to check if you connect all cables correctly. You can do it under the wiring diagram provided by the dealer. If you have any problems, it’s suggested you turn to your dealer for help.


Wish the issue won’t interfere you for a long time. In fact, if you buy a rearview camera from a professional car stereo shop, the staff will help you pick a right reverse camera for you, which can avoid a lot of problems. In addition, they can also recommend an ideal head unit which is specific for your car.


If you owe a 2007-2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 200, then this Seicane Toyota Land Cruiser 200 head unit is your best choice if you are going to replace your factory radio. It features a lot of practical functions, including GPS navigation system, DVD player, Bluetooth hands-free calls, Bluetooth music, FM/AM radio, RDS, WIFI, USB, SD, etc. For more details, you are welcome to click:


Wish you have a great time with this Toyota Land Cruiser 200 head unit on all trips! Good luck to you!

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