How to update maps in a 2012-2015 Buick Verano car stereo with Pure Android 4.4.4 Radio GPS CD DVD Player Bluetooth

When you are traveling a strange place in your car, you may find a multifunctional car stereo with a great GPS navigation system can help you a lot to find the best way within the lease time. It can provide the most accurate direction for you and guide you to your destination with voice cues. When you are not in the planned route set before, it can also re-plan a new route for you to get to your destination. Just as the one shown below, which is a great 2012-2015 Buick Verano car stereo from Seicane, it comes with the latest GPS navigation system to upgrade your car accessories.

2012-2015 Buick Verano car stereo

2012-2015 Buick Verano car stereo


To get the most accurate guidance for your journey, it’s necessary for you to update the maps when there is the latest version, so that you can be in the right way all the time. If you have a car stereo which is integrated with a GPS navigation system like the Seicane Buick Verano car stereo and want to update maps at intervals, you can refer to some ways as follows.


First of all, since you need to use an SD card for maps, therefore ,you can use your computer to search the internet for the latest map version and then you download it in your computer. After that, you can use an SD card to get the latest maps from your computer. Then insert this SD card into the stereo to install the latest map in your stereo. You go to the setting interface of your stereo and find the path for the maps, after accepting all the applications, you can successfully update the map in your stereo.


If your stereo can support WIFI or 3G internet connection, you can directly search for the latest map with your stereo in your car when you are in range of a WIFI hotspot or get connection to 3G internet.


When you search for the internet, you may find there are a lot of maps on the internet. You can buy it on your own. Besides, it’s wise of you to get it from your dealer who usually can provide a life-time upgrade service if you buy a car stereo from he. Generally speaking, the dealer will provide the link for you. Then you can directly surf the internet to get access to the link for the latest map and download it.


Wish the above instruction can be helpful for you. A good car stereo can provide you with a great GPS navigation system to lead you to your destination with the most precise guidance. If you want to upgrade your factory radio, then this Seicane Buick Verano car stereo is your best choice, you are welcome to check more details on the following link:


It is a special Buick Verano car stereo for you to upgrade your factory radio. You will find it easier to operate on a large 7 inch multi-touch screen with 1024*600 pixel resolution. Coming with a wide variety of features which include GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, DVD player, FM/AM radio tuner, iPod/USB connection, SD card slot, this unit is guaranteed to give the greatest convenience and the most enjoyment to you on all your trips. Besides, a rearview camera can also be connected with this unit for you to park easily.


Wish you like this modern Seicane Buick Verano car stereo and have a wonderful time on all your trips in the future.

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