How to Upgrade 2008-2012 Audi A3 Radio to Carplay GPS Navigation Stereo System?

Thanks to the GPS technology, we can go everywhere in a quick and safe way. Nowadays, no matter whether we drive in the local city or in other strange city, we even can’t move a step or maybe easily get lost without the GPS navigation, as there are so many roads. Therefore, we need a quality GPS car stereo system in our cars.

For cars didn’t have touchscreen GPS stereo, drivers should consider installing an aftermarket car stereo with GPS to replace the old one. There are many quality stereos in the market as well as installation guides online we can get. If you love road trip, a multifunctional touchscreen stereo will be the best assistant.

GPS car stereo installation in 2008-2012 Audi A3

For the 2008-2012 Audi A3 owners, here is a radio upgrade guide that may be useful for them if they decide to replace the original old-fashioned radio.

  • Get a touchscreen GPS car stereo
  • Radio removal keys, screwdrivers
  • Car battery should be powered off firstly

The factory radio system

Step 1, Use 4 radio removal keys and insert them into the slots of the car radio system.

Step 2, Pull the 4 key buckles with appropriate force in order to pull out the radio unit.

Step 3, Take down the radio unit, remove the key tool, and unplug the connections at the back of the radio unit.

Step 4, Have a check for the wiring parts of the new Android car stereo.

Step 5, Connect the new wiring parts to the car plugs.

Step 6, Connect the new touchscreen stereo to the dashboard.

Step 7, After installing the new stereo, start the car to test whether the new radio stereo system functions normally.

The benefits of installing a touchscreen GPS car stereo

Most drivers love to use large touchscreen GPS stereos which can provides lots of benefits to us,

  • Compared to the old radio, the new 2008-2012 Audi A3 radio head unitcomes a 9” IPS touchscreen, we can operate it easier and have better viewing experience when watching videos as well navigating.
  • It offers different entertainment including FM/AM/RDS radios, music, movies etc. We won’t get bored during the journey.
  • The product supports DSP setting. With this function, you can adjust the DSP EQ to get a quality sound effect.
  • It’s integrated with wireless Carplay function, that means you can super conveniently to connect your phone to the stereo and apply phone APP like map, music, phone etc.
  • One of very useful function of the product is it can support external car cameras like backup camera, DVR. This helps improve driving safety.

Want better driving experience? Why not trying replacing the old style car radio?

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