How to Upgrade Toyota Yaris Auto A/V Navigation Map

Toyota Yaris Auto A/V Navigation

Toyota Yaris Auto A/V Navigation


Here’s a Toyota Yaris auto A/V navigation. It has many wonderful functions.


This DVD function in car DVD player now not only supports CD, VCD, DVD, but also support other formats like MP3, MP4 and so on. What’s more, it has the DVD recording function, which can record the video from the playing menu of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB. The 2-zone function of this unit keeps the recording running when exit the video menu.


There are 20 disks virtual CD changer in this unit. The CD function now is available for you to download from CD or DVD to the head unit. In case of keeping too many discs in your car, this function now supports power off memory and file management.


The radio function in this head unit cannot be missed. In the original car radio, this function is simple. You can listen to FM/AM radios; you can select radios by hand. The new head unit support radio RDS with high sensitive FM/AM receiving mode. What’s more, it can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time. If you like to keep radio stations, this function support 99 stations preset.


It supports 3G and WIFI network with big keyboard. You can search online freely, which is just like searching online in your computer. You can bookmark your favorite websites as the same as in computer, too.


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Toyota Yaris Auto A/V Navigation

Toyota Yaris Auto A/V Navigation


You find that it’s a great car DVD player. If you have it in your car, you must enjoy your journey every day. Among all the functions in this head unit, the GPS navigation system will be the most welcome one by car owners.


Every time you go to a new place, the routes from the GPS map will show you how to go clearly. The voice navigation will prompt you with messages to keep you drive on the route correctly. You will not miss any information from the map, because it will keep prompting you no matter which interface you are in.


Once you miss some important information and go wrong on the road. The system will detect that immediately and re-plan a route for you to help you out of the situation. You don’t need to worry to get lost at all.


Since it’s a good helper to car owners, you should keep this function well. The GPS map should be upgraded at intervals to keep all the information in it precisely and accurately.


There are two ways to upgrade a GPS map. You can use a SD card to download upgraded map from computers. Or, you can download from Internet by 3G WIFI function in your head unit directly.


One thing you should pay attention to would be the map you download from Internet.


It may take times to find a good map on net. But it is worth. A good map will show you accurate information, which will bring convenience to you during driving. An easy way to get an upgraded map would be to go to ask your head unit dealer.


Customers can buy maps with head units from dealers. If you bought a map from your head unit dealer, you can also ask him for upgraded versions or links of upgraded versions. This will save your time. If the map from your dealer cannot fulfill your needs, you can find it by yourself.


It will be great to have a new map in your head unit and guide you at every time you need it. Wish you enjoy your head unit. more about the Toyota Yaris auto A/V navigation at the beginning of the text is on:

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