How to Use 2012 Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 Car Stereo Skillfully

 Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 Car Stereo

Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 Car Stereo

Here’s an aftermarket OEM head unit for 2012 Honda CIVIC. This Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 car stereo supports many functions, such as, GPS navigation system, radio RDS, HD videos, Mirrorlink, rearview camera, digital TV and so on. Check it out:


Multifunction car stereos bring great fun and convenience to drivers. However, if you know how to use them skillfully, they can do more for you. Let’s take this car stereo from Seicane online shop for example.


You can use it as a charger. This unit comes with IPod function. There’s a USB cable for you to connect your IPod or IPhone to the unit to play music. But, if your IPod or IPhone is power off, you can connect them to the unit by the USB cable and charge. You don’t need to feel headache for your phone is power off when in the car.


You can use it as a computer. This unit not only has WIFI module and support 3G dongle, but also has office tools and file management. You can edit files in the unit directly; you can copy files from different external devices and paste in another place; you can enjoy E-life services, such as, videos, music and so on.


You can use it as a notebook. It has some tools for you, such as, calendar, calculator and clock. You can mark down important message in it.


You can also set steering wheel control buttons freely in the setting interface. You can DIY main menu, panel light color and wallpaper. You can choose the language of OSD menu as you like. It supports 37 kinds of languages.


Actually, you can do more in this Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 car stereo. There are some main functions in this unit below. You are also welcome to check out on website. It’s on discount now:


 Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 Car Stereo

Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 Car Stereo

The navigation system in it supports 3D GPS map and voice prompt. You can install a map in it and set route. Or, you can use online map with 3G/WIFI network. A good GPS map will not only show you accurate GPS locations, but also remind you of detailed information in the map no matter you are in which interface by voice prompt. You don’t need to afraid of getting lost anymore.


It supports Bluetooth. You can connect any Bluetooth enabled phone to the system via Bluetooth to receive hands-free calls for safe driving. It can download contact information to the unit and allow searching for a contact number in the downloaded phonebook. You can also read call history and play songs from your phone freely.


The OBD II function will get information of car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, intake pressure, throttle position, air flow, computer load, car speed for you. You can base on the codes and deal with the problems in your car.


The DVD player supports HD 1080P video and DVD/DIVX/MP4/MP3/MP2/VCD format.


Its built-in WIFI network supports surfing on the Internet freely for video, TV, movie, music, radio and online communication including YouTube, Twitter, MSN, Facebook and so on. It supports 3G dongle as options. You can add it to the head unit when ordering.


Video out 2
Audio output 4(FR/FL/RR/RL)
Subwoofer Output 1
AUX Video in 1
Reverse Camera 1
AUX Audio in 2(R/L)


This Honda CIVIC Android 4.2 car stereo adopts the internationally renowned Samsung brand electronic components which are in obedience with the ROHS rules and of small volume, light weight, excellent thermo stability, high voltage resistance, low leakage current and dielectric loss, good frequency and temperature property.


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