How to work out DVD problems in a 2007-2012 Fiat Bravo head unit with Bluetooth GPS navigation 3G WIFI touch screen

First of all shows you a high-end 2007-2012 Fiat Bravo head unit from Seicane, which is loaded with a lot of advanced features to meet your different needs including 3D real-time GPS navigation system, DVD player, Bluetooth, FM/AM radio, RDS, WIFI, TV, USB, SD, etc. A great deal of convenience and enjoyment is easily available for you.

2007-2012 Fiat Bravo head unit

2007-2012 Fiat Bravo head unit


When you use a head unit for a long time, it’s normal if you find there are some problems with it. Please don’t be afraid at the first. With some instructions, you can also solve the problem on your own. Here I’d like to talk about some issues you may have in the DVD player and share the related solutions with you.


As a matter of fact, it’s strongly suggested that you shouldn’t watch videos for safety while you are driving. Therefore, you may find there is a warning to stop you from watching videos while driving. However, if you want to play videos for your passengers to relax in your car. You can enter the setting interface and find “brake” key and set it off. Then the DVD player can work while you are driving.


Besides, you may meet the issue that the disc gets stuck in the DVD player. It’s not a usual problem, so you can be more careful in the usage of this DVD player. Remember not to put crooked discs into the DVD player. A broken disc may easily get stuck in the DVD player. It’s better not to always keep the disc in the player, especially when you drive on a rugged road, the disc will be easily broken and get stuck in it.


What’s more, you may find the picture quality is poor when you play discs. However, it’s in good quality when it is played in other devices. At this time, you can insert more discs to check if you face the same issue. If yes, it’s the problem of the DVD laser. It’s time for you to clean it. You can clean it with detergent to clean it once or twice a month. In addition, the DVD laser will easily get dust when you insert DVD discs which is dirty. Therefore, it’s wise of you to clean the disc before you insert it into a DVD player so as to keep the player working for a long time.


Above all, if you want to keep your head unit in good condition for a long time, it’s necessary for  you maintain it in the daily use. Wish the above can be helpful for you.


A good head unit can bring you great convenience and pleasure for you while you are driving. If you want to enjoy more modern features a head unit brings for you, you can replace your factory radio with a new aftermarket head unit. If you are a car owner of a 2007-2012 Fiat Bravo, I’d like to recommend a multifunctional 2007-2012 Fiat Bravo head unit from Seicane to you. Please click:


This intelligent Seicane Fiat Bravo head unit comes with a number of entertainment features like DVD, CD, iPod, radio, TV, etc. You can also have more flexible options for fun thanks to the compatibility of USB/SD connection. To get to your desired destination on time, you can turn on the GPS navigation system to gain access to the turn-by-turn direction and voice prompts. The Bluetooth technology enables you to pair your compatible mobile phone for hands-free conversations with your callers, besides, streaming music for fun is also available in this way.


Just relax on all the trips with this amazing Seicane Fiat Bravo head unit in your car and have a wonderful time with your passengers together.

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