Professional 2009 2010 2011 Jeep Compass radio removal Instruction


Jeep Compass radio

Jeep Compass radio

It’s a multifunction aftermarket head unit for 2009 2010 2011 Jeep Compass. It has many amazing functions, such as, Mirrorlink, OBD II, rearview, car speed DVR, GPS, radio and so on. Check it out:


Are you going to upgrade your car stereo? Do you know how to do that? In general, car stereos upgrade should be taken by professional staff to avoid accident, because wrong upgrade may bring damage to the new unit. If you didn’t have any training before, you should ask a professional to help. Here’s the removal instruction of a Jeep Compass radio.


Disconnect the negative terminal battery prior to removing the radio. This will prevent an accidental short circuit.


Then, take off the trim panel. This takes time. There are screws under at the button of the panel. You have to lift the hood of the shifting gear to find them. Then, use a lever to loosen the top of the panel and take off a part of the panel first. And, you will see two screws on the remaining panel. Remove them and use the lever to loosen the whole panel. Now, take the panel off the car.


Remove the screws on the radio. There are four of them. Remove them and take the radio out of the car. Disconnect the wires of the radio and the car.


Now, you have taken off the original radio of a Jeep compass. And, it’s time to install a new one in it.


Connect the wiring harness adaptor to the original harness and then to the back of the new unit. Then, put the unit back to the car and fix it with screws.


Before you install the trim panel back to the car, you should test whether the new unit is compatible with the car. If everything’s well, you can install the trim panel back now.


Jeep Compass radio

Jeep Compass radio

That’s how to remove and install a Jeep Compass radio. Wish it helps. If you are still looking for a new head unit for your car, you are welcome to know more about the one at the beginning of the text. It’s great and cheap:

Dual zone Yes
Voice navigation Yes
Main frequency 1.6GHz
GPS Buad Rate 9600
Support map IGO Sygic map for Android 4.2.2 and Google map
GPS Audio Work with front&re


The navigation system in it supports 3D GPS map and voice prompt. You can install a map in it and set route. Or, you can use online map with 3G/WIFI network. A good GPS map will not only show you accurate GPS locations, but also remind you of detailed information in the map no matter you are in which interface by voice prompt. You don’t need to afraid of getting lost anymore.


You can use USB flash disk and SD card to copy files from the head unit, or to play videos, songs and pictures in the head unit. If you don’t want to upgrade software online directly, you can use a SD card to download upgraded versions of software in computers and upgrade them in this unit.
It has radio tuners. You are able to listen to radio stations of AM/FM; you are able to select channels by RDS; you are able to preset stations of AM/FM. It also supports stereo status and local radio stations. If you are a fan of radio, you will never feel bored with this unit.
There are more functions in this Jeep Compass radio. They are Bluetooth for hand free and music, car speed DVR for video recording, IPod and IPhone music play and charging, OBD II car diagnostic system and so on. Wish you like it and enjoy shopping.


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