The Best Guide of How to Install Aftermarket Car Radio with Carplay in Toyota Camry

With the technology of smartphone integration called Apply Carplay or Android Auto in modern car radio systems, drivers are provided a best way to use their phones while driving. On the other hand, these innovative car radio systems come with large touchscreen, have a wide range features and functions that adds more joy and convenience to drivers, really an excellent assistant on the road. If there is no such radio in your car, you should consider to upgrade an aftermarket car radio system. Here we are showing you how to install a new radio in a Toyota Camry. You may get some tips after checking the steps.

Steps for replacing Toyota Camry radio

Firstly, you can purchase a suitable aftermarket car radio from Seicane or other brands. Get the basic tools including screwdrivers, pry tools. Before doing something to the factory radio, make sure the car power is cut off.

Step 1, Carefully remove the two side panels with your hands.


Step 2, Remove these two screws at first.


Step 3, Power your vehicle to set up the emergency brake, then we need to remove this plastic handle. Just use your hands to remove it. Don’t forget to cut off the car power again after this step.


Step 4, Pull out the container panel with your hands. Be carefully.


Step 5, Next you need to remove the whole container structure.


Step 6, Now we can remove this part as we have loosen the screws at Step 2, and you need to unplug the connectors.


Step 7, At this time, we go to remove the vent. Use a plastic tool to pry the vent and plug the connector.


Step 8, Following we are planning to remove the whole radio system. You can find that there are four screws we need to remove, two at upper inside, two at bottom inside.


Step 9, After removing the four screws, we can take down the whole radio system, also unplug its connectors.


Step 10, And we need to remove these three control buttons of the old radio, in order to install them on the new Seicane car radio.


Step 11, The removal of the original radio is finished, we are ready to install the Seicane android car radio with Carplay. Firstly, have a check for the cables and accessories of the new radio.


Step 12, This step will require your patient and carefulness to connect the cables between new radio and car plugs, so have your user manual handy will be helpful.


Step 13, After connecting the cables, you are advised to turn on the car and test the new radio. If it works well, then you can put everything back; If not, check whether you connect the cables correctly.

Driving better with Seicane bluetooth car radio system

With smooth touchscreen operation, this radio greatly improves user experience. You can see all the information clearly on its large screen, especially when you use the navigation, you have a comprehensive information about the route you are going on.

As an indispensable part of the driving journey, music can relieve our tiredness and boredom. In the Seicane radio, you can enjoy various songs online/offline at a perfect sound effect. You can also watch videos at 1080P resolution. What’s more, as we mentioned before, this radio also support Carplay, connect the phone to the radio with a Carplay USB Dongle, then you can easily use the phone applications on radio screen.

Besides, since there is built-in Bluetooth, you are able to make Bluetooth hand-free call, thus keep safe while driving. If you have difficulty to park the car, opt a rear view camera will help. With the rear view camera connected to radio, the radio screen will automatically show you rear image when park and reverse, you needn’t worry anything. Get the suitable decent Seicane car radio navigation system to your car now.


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