Troubleshoot an Android 2005-2011 Seat Leon Radio DVD Player

The original car stereo only has several functions. And, they always work well. So many car owners don’t know what to do when they meet problems in their aftermarket car stereos. An aftermarket OEM car stereo brings more functions to car owners. At the same time, car owners may meet more problems once the unit breaks down. If you meet problems when using your car stereo, you can check the following solutions and troubleshoot your car to see if they can help. I’m taking an Android Seat Leon radio DVD player for example.


Solutions for no Power:

  1. Check the power cable of the head unit. If it’s connected correctly, then, check the voltage to see if it matches the usage standard of the head unit.
  2. Click the RET key on the panel to restart the unit to see if it’s ok.


Solutions for no image, no sound, no indicator lights:

  1. Please check whether the power control has been opened.
  2. Please check whether the power wire is damaged or the fuse blown.
  3. Please check connection of power socket and power plug.


Solutions for only image without voice:

  1. Please check whether the connection of audio output and the audio output of monitor is correct.
  2. Please check whether the audio connector is damaged.
  3. Please check whether the volume has been turned off or muted.


Solutions for only voice without image:

  1. Please check whether the connection of video output and the video output is correct
  2. Please check whether the video connector is damaged.
  3. Please check whether the mode of video output setting is correct.


This Seat Leon radio supports rearview camera and car speed DVR. If you meet problems in these functions, try to troubleshoot them as the following.


If you find the rearview camera won’t work for you, please check whether the camera is clear and nothing’s covering it, then, check whether the cables are connected correctly.


If you find the car speed DVR has no image in the screen, please check whether the cable is plugged in and if it is plugged in correctly. If you find that the photos become a little red when you take photos. It may cause by light insufficient. You can select “cloudy day” in the photograph menu to make it right.


There are more problems you may meet when using a car stereo. But, most of them can be solved easily as the solutions mentioned above. If the solutions can’t help, you’d better go to a repair shop and ask for help.


Wish you enjoy the time with your car stereo. If you are a car owner of Seat Leon and you are looking for a new Seat Leon radio DVD player, I would like to recommend a good and cheap one to you. Check it out:


Seat Leon radio

Seat Leon radio

This 8 inch touch screen head unit adopts the internationally renowned Samsung brand electronic components which are in obedience with the ROHS rules and of small volume, high voltage resistance and so on. It supports 5 points touch operation for zooming in and out pictures and controlling game characters’ movement etc.


It supports Aux in for audio and video input and output with RCA video output, CAM IN video Input, video in, RCA audio FR/FL/RR/RL, subwoofer output and AUX audio R/L input.


It has navigation system for 3D GPS maps; it supports Bluetooth hand free and music; it supports 1080p HD video; it supports 3G and WIFI network and so on.


Check more functions in the following video and see how it works for you. Wish you enjoy shopping.


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