How to Make Sure Whether an Opel Antara Navigation System Fits to Your Car

OPEL Antara Navigation System

OPEL Antara Navigation System


It’s an Opel Antara navigation system with many functions, such as, Analog TV, USB, SD, IPod, Bluetooth, 3G, WIFI and so on. More on:


How to make sure whether a new car DVD player fits to your car? It would be the question asked by car owners who are going to upgrade their car stereos. It’s not a difficult thing to find a suitable car DVD player for your car, but you have to pay attention to some details.


No matter what functions you like, how much you can pay, which shop you want to buy from, you have to make sure the new head unit can be installed in your car perfectly, and the functions in it can work normally. How to make sure of this? Here are some suggestions for you to follow.


First, you should know your car stereo very much. Some cars support special functions. If you want a new head unit works as the original one, the new head unit should support the special functions, too. If not, some of the functions in the new head unit cannot work in your car.


Second, you should know about the wire connection very much. If you buy a plug and play car DVD player for your car, make sure all the wire can be connected between the unit and your car, and the functions can work. If the wire connection is different between new head unit and your car, make sure this problem can be solved by cutting wires or lengthen wires. In most cases, a vehicle specialize car DVD player can be connected to the car correctly. But in case of mistake, you’d better check out for all the new head units.


Third, you should know the car stereo position height clearly. Normally, there are two types of height, 1 din and 2 din. 1 din is for 50cm, and 2 din is for 100 cm. There may be other size, too. You have to base on your car stereo and buy a new head unit with the same size. Or you can’t install it into your car.


Now you know these matters, you can easily make sure whether a new head unit fits your car. And the following would be finding a head unit with the functions you want in reasonable price.


You may spend some time on searching for a good car stereo, but it is worth. A good car stereo brings fun and convenience to drivers. You won’t be bored during a long journey with a multifunctional car stereo in your car.


If you haven’t found a good one, I would like to share this Opel Antara navigation system with you. It has many amazing functions.


OPEL Antara Navigation System

OPEL Antara Navigation System

It supports USB and SD card function. This function is welcome by car owners for the reason that it can play videos, songs and photos in USB flash disk, or in other device which can connect to car DVD player by USB port. The SD card also supports navigation system running.


It supports car speed DVR. This function uses the most advanced H.264 compression technology to store high efficiency video with MSD card memory, maximum supports 32G, with 120 degrees wide angle. The ultra-wide-angle lens let you get a panoramic view even in the corner. This function will automatically record the front of the vehicles and real-time storage when driving. You can playback the videos by cell phone, TV or computer.


It support 3G and WIFI network. You can search online at any time.


More functions of this Opel Antara navigation system can be found online. What’s more, it’s great and cheap. Know more on:


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