How to Upgrade Software in Honda CRV Radio GPS System

Honda CRV radio GPS system

Honda CRV radio GPS system


It’s a latest Honda CRV radio GPS system with 3G WIFI network, USB and SD card, Analog TV and CANBUS function. You can know more on:


Many car owners upgrade original car stereos for their cars, but only some of them will upgrade the software in car stereos. You may not notice that before, but now the new car stereos has many new Apps in it, you will find it as the same as your cell phone, and you know that the software in it should be upgraded, too.


How to upgrade software in car stereo? You may ask for the first time. In the past, some car stereos cannot connect to the Internet. So, car owners use a SD card to download upgraded version of GPS maps and copy them into the car stereos. Some of them download software from computer and install them in car stereos, too.


In this new Honda CRV radio GPS system, you can also do like that. This unit has USB and SD card function with two channels. SD card 1 is for GPS navigation system, and SD card 2 is for entertainment function. It supports format WMV/AVI/MPEG/MP3/MP4/RMVB(1080P)/JPEG.


You can use a SD card to store upgraded version software from computers, and install them into your car stereo. However, this unit has 3G and WIFI network function, you can search online directly. So, if you have any software to upgrade, you can search for sources online and download them directly.


It may spend you some time to do this, which is the same with software upgrade for computers. If you don’t want to upgrade software, it will be ok, but you may miss the new application of some functions.


With the development of car stereo, you will find it more like a combination of computer and cell phone. And the operation of it is similar with computers and cell phones, too.


In this Honda CRV radio GPS system, you will find many interesting functions which can bring you fun and convenience. Let’s know more about it.


Honda CRV radio GPS system

Honda CRV radio GPS system

It uses WinCE 6.0 operation system with powerful Samsung S5PV210 1GMHZ CPU chipset, which is the same as iPhone 4. It has unique 3D flash graphics accelerator to achieve 3D cool three-dimensional & flash menu effect with flexible, professional, digital, graphical interactive.


Its radio function has hhigh sensitive FM/AM Radio receiving mode. It can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time. It’s worldwide use, and it supports RDS and 99 stations preset for AM/FM.


Its Bluetooth function supports call history, phone book, call back directly and music. Its 3G and WIFI network supports big keyboard input, you can bookmark your favorite website freely. Its DVD function supports recording videos of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB format.


If you like listen to CDs, you won’t miss the upgraded CD function in it. It has 20 disks virtual CD changer. You can download from CD or DVD to the car stereo. This function also supports power off memory and file management to avoid keeping too many disks in the car.


Some optional functions help a lot during driving, for example, the car speed DVR function. It’s the black box in your car to record videos during driving. Once there’s an accident, you can check the video for details. With 120 degree wide angle and 1.3 high million pixels in it, you can see the video clearly in computer, TV or your cell phone.


It has many other functions, too. You can know more on website. It’s on discount now. Wish you like this unit and enjoy your journey with it.


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