How to use a 2003-2011 VW Volkswagen Scirocco radio with Android 4.4 GPS DVD player

The below picture is an up-to-date VW Volkswagen Scirocco radio from 2003 to 2011. With this radio in your car, you are able to make your driving fill with enjoyment and convenience all the time with its multiple features like GPS navigation, DVD player, Bluetooth connectivity, FM/AM radio, RDS, Wifi, TV, touch screen, etc.


2003-2011 VW Volkswagen Scirocco radio

2003-2011 VW Volkswagen Scirocco radio


Coming with so many features, some car owners find it a bit difficult to operate this kind of modern car radios at the beginning. As a matter of fact, it is quite simple to operate an Android car radio. If you have ever used a mobile phone with Android operating system, you will find some similarities of the usage between this unit and your Android phone.


Here I’d like to share the operation instructions of this VW Volkswagen Scirocco radio which is equipped with an advanced Android 4.4 operating system with you.


First of all, turn on the radio with the Power button, and you are in the main menu. There are many apps and icons in the main menu. You can directly click them for different functions. The icons and the position of them are adjustable, you can set any icon on the main menu according to your preference. Besides, the car logo and wallpaper are also changeable. There are 8 color preset for the panel light, you can adjust it with the RGB.


When it comes to the features, there are three main features most car owners use often: GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and wifi connection.


The GPS navigation function is built-in with this unit. When you use it to guide you to your desired destination, you should insert an SD card with maps in it. Then, set GPS paths in the setting interface and install the map in the unit. After installation, you can open the map in the main menu freely. It will show your current location at first. If you want to set new routes, click the key for routes and type starts and destinations. If you can get access to the internet via wifi or a 3g dongle, you can also use an online map directly.


Next comes the Bluetooth connectivity. Firstly, you need to open the Bluetooth functions both in the main menu and your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Then pair the unit with your phone. After pairing, you can make and receive hands-free calls as well as stream music from your phone.


If you want to surf the internet with this unit for online data, videos, music, games, thousands of apps like MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc, you need to open the WIFI in the setting interface. Or you can connect a 3g module as an option for access of the internet.


The above is the usage of the three main functions of this 2003-2011 VW Volkswagen Scirocco radio. For more settings, you can go to the setting interface.


This unit comes with an advanced Android 4.4 operating system and a powerful RK3066 1.6GHz Cortex A9 Dual-core processor to upgrade the configurations of your car radio. If you are interested in it, please click the following link for more information.


Just take this wonderful VW Volkswagen Scirocco radio now, it’s on a big discount now. Wish you will enjoy it on all your trips. Good luck!







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