2002 2003 2004 Chrysler 300M Radio Upgrade Guide


Chrysler 300M radio

Chrysler 300M radio

Go to the aftermarket and check the car stereos for your car, then, you will find there are many products for your choice. You have to find the right one if you want to upgrade your Chrysler 300M radio. The new unit should have the same size and shape as the original one so that it can be installed in the car.


It’s easy to install the new unit in your car. But, you are not recommended to upgrade your car stereo if you are a green hand, because wrong installation may bring damage to the new unit or even worse. Go to a car upgrade center to do the upgrade would be good. You can also ask a professional for help and follow the upgrade guide from the dealer.


The following are the upgrade steps for a Chrysler 300M radio for your reference. Please disconnect the negative cable on the vehicle battery to ensure security. And, please protect the front seats and trim panel during upgrade.


  1. Remove the trim panel. Pry the gaps between the trim panel and the dashboard. You should pry hard for several times until the trim panel can be loosened from the dashboard. But, you should also do this gently to avoid leaving scratches on the trim panel.  暴风截图20152428043796
  2. Remove the radio. After removed the trim panel, you can see four screws on the radio. Unscrew them with a screwdriver and put them away. Then, take the radio out of the dash and disconnect the wires at the back of it. At last, put the radio aside. 暴风截图20152428095265
  3. Install the new unit. The installations of different units would be different. Please refer to the installation instruction of the new unit and install it. The basic step would be connecting the new unit to the original wiring harness. After installation, test the new unit to see if it works well. If you meet problems, first check the wire connections, then, ask the dealer for help. If everything’s good, you can install the trim panel back to its original place.


Wish the upgrade guide of a Chrysler 300M radio can help. If you are still looking for a new unit for your car, there’s a multifunction GPS DVD stereo for your choice. It fits Chrysler 300M from 2002 to 2004. And, it’s on discount now. Check it out: http://www.seicane.com/all-in-one-car-radio-gps-dvd-player-for-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-chrysler-voyager-with-bluetooth-music-hd-1080p-video-aux-dvr-wifi-3g-backup-camera-c201


GPS navigation
Frequency 1575.42MHZ C/A CODE
Protocol standard NMEA-0183 V3.01
Channel number 66 channel for searching satellite 22 channel for tracking
Tracking sense -164dBm
Locate 3m 2D RMS
Dual zone Yes
3-zone POP Yes
Support map Tomtom IGO Route 66 Papago etc
Voice navigation Yes


There are many functions in this unit. You can view 3D GPS maps in this unit; you can download CD or DVD to this head unit by CD function; you can record videos by DVD recording function; you can use USB and SD card function to upgrade software and play music/video/photo; you can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time by radio function.


The car speed DVR function is optional, but it helps a lot if you have it in your car. It is used to record videos during driving. It can catch the pictures clearly and store them at real time. After that, you can playback the video at TV, computer or cell phone. It’s convenient.


There are other optional functions, such as, special rearview camera, Digital TV box, TMC module USB and so on. If you like these functions, you can add them to the unit when ordering.


Wish you like this unit and enjoy shopping. Please feel free to click: http://www.seicane.com/all-in-one-car-radio-gps-dvd-player-for-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-chrysler-voyager-with-bluetooth-music-hd-1080p-video-aux-dvr-wifi-3g-backup-camera-c201





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