FAQs for an Aftermarket Chrysler Voyager Radio


Chrysler Voyager Radio

Chrysler Voyager Radio

It’s easy to get problems in electronic product, including car stereo. However, it’s not common to have problems in a new unit. And, most of the problems in car stereos can be solved easily. I’m taking a Chrysler Voyager radio from Seicane for example. If you meet the same problems, you can refer to them but not rely on them.


The GPS problem would be one of the biggest problems in head unit. Drivers rely on this function often. So, once it goes wrong, there will be inconvenient. If you find the information in GPS map goes wrong often. This may be caused by the map. The maps should be upgraded at intervals. You can download the upgraded version from the Internet and use a USB flash disk or a SD card to storage it. If it’s not about the map, it may be caused by the SD card. You can use another SD card to store the map.


Many aftermarket stereos come with TV function. If your TV function won’t work, you should check whether the TV antenna is at right location; whether local signal is strong enough; whether DTV system is properly set and so on.


The DVD player goes wrong sometimes, too. If there’s something wrong when playing a disc in the unit, you can first check whether the video setting in the menu is correct or there are scratches or dirt on the disc. If the disc is deformed or the temperature of the unit is too high, this problem may happen, too.


Some drivers may find rearview problems in this Chrysler Voyager radio, too. This may be caused by bad contact or broken camera. You can double check them to get this function work normally.


Once you meet problems you cannot deal with, you need to take the unit to a repair shop. Dismantle the unit yourself may bring damage to it. If you think it’s expensive to repair a stereo, you can upgrade the unit to a new one.


Here’s detailed information about the Chrysler Voyager radio from seicane.com. Check it out and get discount now: http://www.seicane.com/all-in-one-car-radio-gps-dvd-player-for-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-chrysler-voyager-with-bluetooth-music-hd-1080p-video-aux-dvr-wifi-3g-backup-camera-c201


This unit is specialized for 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Chrysler Voyager. It is configured with Samsung S5PV210 powerful 1GMHZ CPU chipset which is same as iPhone4.


It has 3-zone POP function, which supports at most 3 windows working in the same screen at a time. You can shift one of the functions which are showing on the screen to another function without existing the interface. The operation of each screen will not disturb the other one. But one thing to remind, drivers cannot watch videos or TV during driving. This function is for drivers to read GPS maps and passengers to enjoy entertainment.


It supports Bluetooth hand free, 3D GPS maps, radio RDS and so on. You are welcome to send a picture of your car’s dashboard with the year and model enclosed to sales@seicane.com now, and the pre-sale service team will check if this system works with your car. Wish you like it.




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