Detailed Steps for 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Radio Upgrade


2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Radio

2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Radio

Here’s a cheap and great aftermarket head unit for 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 from Seicane online shop. It has great functions, such as, 3G, WIFI, TV, IPod, radio, GPS and so on. Check out for more:


If you are headache about upgrading the head unit of a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500, this text may help in a way. It shows the process of a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 radio upgrade with pictures. But you’d better not to do the upgrade yourself if you don’t anything about car stereo upgrade, because wrong installation may bring damage to the new unit. Before the upgrade, please disconnect the negative cable from the vehicle battery to ensure security.


2013 Dodge Ram 1500 radio upgrade:


Step1: Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws at the top of the trim panel.




Step2: Use your hands to loosen the panel from the edges and take it off.




Step3: Remove the four screws which are holding the radio and take the radio out of the dashboard.




Step4: Disconnect the factory wire harness from the back of the radio and put the radio aside.




Step5: Connect the new wiring harness adaptor to the original harness.




Step6: Connect the harness to the back of the new unit.




Step7: Install the new unit by sliding it back to the dash and fixing it with screws.




Step8: Test the new unit and install the trim back. (Make sure the GPS system, TV and radio function work well in your car. If there are problems, you can check the wire connection for sure. If the problems still exist, you can ask the technician of the dealer for help.)




You can get more information of 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 radio upgrade on


Now, you find that the new unit has been installed in your car perfectly. You can go for a drive with the great functions in it now. If you haven’t bought a new head unit for your car, I would like to recommend the one at the beginning of the text to you.


This unit fits several car models, such as, Dodge RAM 1500, Dodge RAM 2500, Dodge RAM 3500, Dodge RAM 4500, Dodge RAM pickup truck and so on. It also supports Pandora, satellite radio, all the car speakers and original car’s steering wheel controls.


It has 3-zone POP function, which supports at most 3 windows working in the same screen at a time. You can shift one of the functions which are showing on the screen to another function without existing the interface. The operation of each screen will not disturb the other one. But one thing to remind, drivers cannot watch videos or TV during driving. This function is for drivers to read GPS maps and passengers to enjoy entertainment.


It supports USB and SD card. You can use USB flash disks or SD cards to play songs/videos/photos in the head unit. You can also upgrade software by SD card, too. It supports WMV/AVI/MPEG/MP3/MP4/RMVB(1080P)/JPEG format.


Radio Module
AM/FM tuner frequency Support to scan different frequency station by area step
RDS support Yes
Channel quantity 99 station preset for AM/FM
Local and long-distance support Yes



The radio function in this head unit cannot be missed. It supports radio RDS with high sensitive FM/AM receiving mode. It can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time. If you like to keep radio stations, this function supports 99 stations preset.


There are more functions in this unit. Some of them are optional functions. You cand add them to the unit if you like them. You are welcome to know more and get discount on website:


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