Troubleshooting for A Chrysler 300C GPS Navigation stereo


Chrysler 300C GPS

Chrysler 300C GPS

Here’s a latest OEM head unit for 2005 2006 2007 Chrysler 300C from Seicane online shop. It has many functions, such as, GPS system, DVD, IPod, Bluetooth, TV, rearview and so on. You are welcome to check it out:


A multifunction head unit brings great help and fun to drivers during driving. However, it may get problems sometimes. In most cases, you can deal with the problems yourself. I would like to take a Chrysler 300C GPS Navigation stereo for example and see what kind of problems we would meet, and how to deal with them.


Problem1: the unit can’t get power on.


If you meet this problem, you can try several methods. You can check whether the output cable is correctly connected; whether the built-in CANBUS is reversed; whether the key is against any foreign body; whether the fuse is fused.


Problem2: the unit won’t work with sound.


If you meet this problem, try to check whether the horn cable is correctly connected; whether the horn cable is short out with power supply or machine shell; whether the volume is at minimum; whether the sound format is set rightly if it’s at TV mode.


Problem3: the TV function won’t work.


If you meet this problem, you should check whether the TV antenna is at right location; whether local signal is strong enough; whether DTV system is properly set and so on.


Problem4: the GPS function won’t work.


If it’s the first time you use this function, make sure you have input a SD card with GPS map in it to the unit and have installed the map. You should set GPS path in the unit correctly so that you can use the function. If the GPS function won’t work suddenly, you can check the SD card to see if it’s damaged. The bad signal may be one reason to this situation, too.


You may meet other problems in a Chrysler 300C GPS Navigation stereo. If you have a user manual, you can check it to see if you use the unit and functions in correct way. If the solutions above cannot help, you can ask technicians from the dealer for help. Or, you need to take the unit to a repair shop to solve the problems.


Wish you have a good time with your car stereo. If you are looking for a new head unit, you can check whether the Chrysler 300C GPS Navigation stereo at the beginning of the text can fulfill your need. It’s great and cheap:


System Parameter
Operation system WinCE
CPU Cortex A9 MStar 785 1GHz
OSD languages Multiple Languages for choice


Chrysler 300C GPS

Chrysler 300C GPS



It has worldwide GPS with voice cues, distance information, POIs, road planning for 3D navigation maps. You can install a latest GPS map in it and set routes. You will never get lost with this function.


You can use USB flash disk and SD card to copy files from the head unit, or to play videos, songs and pictures in the head unit. You can use a SD card to download upgraded versions of software in computers and upgrade them in this unit, too.


It has Video/Audio/Aux input and output ports, you can connect to amplifier, headrest LCD monitor, rearview camera and other external media devices.


It supports rearview camera. It will automatically turn to the rearview camera image with grids on the screen for assisting the driver in parking, reversing and avoiding potential risk of scratch or crash when you reverse your car.


It also supports Bluetooth music and hand free; IPod and IPhone charging and music play; analog TV and digital TV as options and so on.


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