DIY Upgrade Guide for 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida GPS Navigation Stereo System

The rapid development of the auto manufacturing industry has promoted the development of automotive electronic products. In order to optimize the driving experience and driving safety, tens of thousands of various automotive electronic products have appeared on the market, such as multi-port USB car chargers, rear-view cameras, and driving recorders etc. In addition, the situation of car modification is also showing an upward trend. Car owners choose to modify unsatisfactory parts of the car for various reasons, such as headlights, sound systems, tires, and the recently popular car radio upgrade.

Because of the immature technology and cost-saving, many old-fashioned cars have built-in radios, which are too single in function and can only listen to music and broadcast. Then the car stereo systems in the aftermarket are not only versatile and easy to operate, but also have high configuration and stable performance, and the price is relatively reasonable. Therefore, many car owners naturally like and choose to install these products. So, how do we upgrade the car stereo ourselves? This post provides you with a detailed guide.


  • Year and Model of Car: 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida
  • New Car Radio System: Seicane Android Car Audio GPS Navigation Stereo System
  • Tools for Installation: Screwdriver, Tape, Pry board(not required)
  • Matters Needing Attention: 1) Before the work, make sure the power is cut off. 2) Keep all parts of the accessories are intact.


Part 1 Steps to install 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida stereo system from Seicane

Original stereo system


1) Use pry board or grab out the panel which is stuck insideto fix the factory stereo


2) Remove the four screws that fixed the stereo system


3) Take out the oldstereo and carefully pull out all the plugs


4) Have a check for the wiring accessories of the new car gps stereo system from Seicane and connect cables to the new stereo accordingly


5) Remove the original radio wiring harness connected to the car and needn’t use it


6) Then connect the wiring of the new audio system to the wiring of the car


7) Confirm that there is no problem with the wiring, so you can directly press the new stereo into the central control and install other accessories


8) Turn on the car and test whether the Seicane GPS Navigation Stereo is working well


Part 2 Top features of Seicane Car GPS Navigation System for 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida 

  • 10.1 inch big screen – Consists of HD 1024*600 multi-touch screen with features of smooth operation, high sensitivity and abundant interaction, provides drivers with better view of road ahead.
  • Carplay is supported – By using the Carplay USB dongle to connect your Apple phone and Seicane car audio system, you can easily browse and use phone’s address book, message etc. on the audio display.
  • Provides 3D GPS navigation with Voice – This Seicane car audio system supports the latest Google maps app, display navigation information such as current location, speed, landmark building in 3D, help you get to destination in a fast and safe route.
  • Adding more entertainment – When you are bored, you can enjoy various music or broadcast from apps and digital FM/AM radio channels. When you are waiting on the car, you can watch some videos or browse the web on the audio.
  • On the other hand, there are lots of function options you can choose, like DVR, rear view camera, OBDII, TPMS and so on.

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