2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 VW Touareg Stereo Removal and Upgrade with BT 3G WIFI GPS DVD


VW Touareg stereo

VW Touareg stereo

It’s an installation picture of a VW Touareg stereo. The new unit in the picture has more functions than the original one. You are welcome to check out the videos below to know more: http://www.seicane.com/all-in-one-gps-radio-stereo-replacement-for-2003-2010-vw-volkswagen-touareg-with-3d-navigation-hd-touch-screen-cd-dvd-player-bluetooth-dvb-t-tv-steering-wheel-control-aux-ipod-iphone-c042



It’s easy to remove the old stereo and install a new one as above. But, it’s not recommended to upgrade the head unit yourself if you didn’t have training before. In dash radio requires professional installation so that it works well in the car. You can go to a car stereo upgrade shop to do the upgrade. You can ask a professional for help and do it yourself, too.


If you do it yourself, please prepare 4 release keys for the upgrade. Here are steps for your reference.


VW Touareg stereo removal and installation guide:


  1. Remove the new unit. You don’t need to remove the trim panel in VW Touareg during upgrade. Find out the four screws at the corners of the radio and insert release keys in them. Hook the unit tightly and pull it out of the dash carefully. Don’t forget to remove the wires at the back of the unit before you put it away.


remove VW Touareg stereo

remove VW Touareg stereo


  1. Install the new unit. Take out the new unit and cables. Connect the new unit to the original wiring harness correctly. Slide the new unit to the dash. Test the new unit. The wires connections may be complicated. And the connections of different units may be different. It’s recommended to contact the dealer if you meet problems. Here’s a wiring diagram for the unit at the beginning of the text for example.



wiring diagram

wiring diagram


If you haven’t brought a new unit, please buy one with after-sales service because you may need to contact the dealer for help. Wish the information for upgrading a VW Touareg stereo could help you.


If you are interested in the unit above, you are welcome to know more on Seiane.com. It’s great and on discount now: http://www.seicane.com/all-in-one-gps-radio-stereo-replacement-for-2003-2010-vw-volkswagen-touareg-with-3d-navigation-hd-touch-screen-cd-dvd-player-bluetooth-dvb-t-tv-steering-wheel-control-aux-ipod-iphone-c042


VW Touareg stereo

VW Touareg stereo

It has 3-zone POP function, which supports at most 3 windows working in the same screen at a time. You can shift one of the functions which are showing on the screen to another function without existing the interface. The operation of each screen will not disturb the other one. But one thing to remind, drivers cannot watch videos or TV during driving. This function is for drivers to read GPS maps and passengers to enjoy entertainment.


It has high sensitive FM/AM Radio receiving mode. It can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time. It’s worldwide use, which supports RDS and 99 stations preset for AM/FM. You can scan different frequency stations by area step.


It supports 3G and WIFI network. You need to go to the setting interface and connect WIFI to the available one, and you can search on net freely. You can do nearly all the things you can do in computer surfing in this head unit. You can download upgraded version of software online and upgrade software in this head unit directly.


It can do more for you. Wish you like it.



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