How can I upgrade my car radio?

When you find out the malfunction of the factory radio after a long time’s use or think the single feature hard to meet your different kinds of needs, the idea of upgrading your factory radio probably come up to your mind. The sound systems in many vehicles may be not very good, however, it is easy to solve this problem. Actually, a car owner can replace almost every component in a car radio system, and it’s relatively quite easy to upgrade.

How can I upgrade my car radio

How can I upgrade my car radio

The head unit matters everything

Of all the components in a car radio system, the most important one is the head unit which can also be called a car stereo, a receiver, a tuner, or a deck. The features are probably commonly seen in a car radio, including GPS function, FM/AM radio, DVD, CD and MP3 player, USB connection for Ipod and other portable devices, bluetooth technology, etc.


If you want to have comprehensive advanced features in an all-in-one radio, the head unit is your best part to upgrade, since he head unit is greatly connected with the other components in a car radio system. Before you decide to buy a new head unit, you need to consider clearly what features you expect to have in a car stereo. For example, if you are going to listen to your favorite music from the playlist in your enabled mobile phone or utilize the car stereo to manage everything in your phone, you need to choose a head unit with bluetooth technology. Besides, it’s wise of you to pick up a head unit with more features than you need, so it may be easier if you are going to upgrade it with more features in the future.


Speakers and Amplifiers comes after

The second most important component in a car radio system are the speakers. In most cases, the factory system come with at least four speakers. If you merely upgrade the speakers without replacing the factory head unit with a new aftermarket radio, you may find out the sound quality will let you down. Only your factory head unit is powerful enough, can the upgraded speakers have satisfying sound quality.


Besides, upgrading with better speakers makes it possible for you to have more options to upgrade other components in the future. Though your existing head unit can’t put the upgraded speakers into better use, it’s available for you to upgrade a better head unit or an amplifier later on.


Other situations

If your vehicle comes with low-grade separate tweeters along with the mid-range speakers, you can improve your sound quality by installing a couple replacement tweeters. If your car doesn’t come with a subwoofer, the easiest way is to buy a radio with subwoofer built in. If you want to have the navigation system in your radio, you can choose a head unit integrated with both GPS navigation system as well as a DVD multimedia player.


All in all, before you pick up a new aftermarket car radio to upgrade your factory radio, you can make a list of what features you want to have in a new car radio, then you can find an ideal aftermarket car radio for you car. Here I would like to share a website of a professional car stereo supplier for you as a reference: Wish you can find an ideal one from it. Good luck!

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