Is it hard to replace a car radio?

Car owners who want to replace their factory radio with a new car radio may have the confusion that if it is hard to do this, and if yes, how hard it is. Actually, installing a new car radio into your car is not a quite difficult thing, but the hard degree is related to some factors. For example, it may be easier to install a radio in some cars than in others. Besides, car owners with related experience on that would also find it simpler to do that. The following are the main three factors to consider when answering the question if it is hard to install a car radio: difficult trim and dash components, fit and mounting issues with the new head unit, wiring confusion.

Is it hard to replace a car radio?

Is it hard to replace a car radio?


Compatibility matters most

The most important thing to make your replacement successful is that you need to find a right car radio which can fit your car. Nowadays, most car stereos are classified as single din and double din. In most cases, a single din car stereo is used for those factory radios with 2 inches(50mm) tall. While factory radios in 4 inches(100mm) tall can be replaced by both single and double din ones. Generally speaking, car owners would prefer a double din aftermarket radio if they have a double-din factory radio. But if you do want to replace a double din radio with a single din one, you can buy a bracket kit to make it work.


Trim and dash components

Cars usually comes with different trim and dash components, which will decide how hard it is to remove the factory radio and install a new radio. If your car comes with few trim, center console or dash components which will influence the removal of the factory radio, then things would be easier at the beginning. However, if you are not lucky enough, it’s suggested that you should have a general idea of what it is like of your dash at first. You can search for the diagram of your dash or center console with detailed components showed. When you find the diagram which is exactly for your car in the same model and manufacture year, you will be clear which trim pieces need to be removed.

After removing the trim pieces, you should carefully deal with the screws and bolts and make sure all of them are unscrewed before you take the factory radio out of the dash.


How to wire a new car radio?

In the process of the whole installation, wiring a new car radio is probably the most difficult part. However, you’ll find it quite simple when you use the wiring harness which is designed for your car and the radio in particular. With the wiring harness adaptor, you just need to plug one end into your factory harness, and the other end into the new car radio. If you have any question, you can turn to a wiring diagram for help. In most cases, a wiring diagram will come with your new car radio together. If not, you can contact your dealer for it. Furthermore, the single wire color scheme might also be helpful.



Installation tools

Some basic tools for the removal and installation should be well prepared in advance, which includes a pry tool, screwdrivers, wrenches or sockets. If you don’t use a harness and do the wiring on your own, including self-identification of the factory wires , you’ll also need the following tools: multimeter, 1.5V battery, soldering supplies, soldering iron, solder, heat shrink or wire crimping supplies, butt connectors, wire crimper.


In a word, the above is a general idea about the replacement of a new car radio. If you want more details to help you with the removal and installation, you can surf the internet to search for the video or the step-by-step instructions which are specially made for your car. To help you find a right aftermarket car radio, I’d like to introduce a professional online car stereo supplier called Seicane to you: Good luck to you!

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