How to Clean a 2007-2010 Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 DVD Player


Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 Car DVD

Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 Car DVD

Here’s a latest aftermarket radio head unit for 2007 2008 2009 2010 Ford Expedition EL Max U354 from It has many functions and can do more than you want. Check it out on:


Do you notice that the car stereo in your car dashboard gets dirt often? Do you ever think of cleaning it? Or, you use a towel to wipe it often but find that it’s easy to get dirt than before?


Car stereos in cars are easy to get dirt since the doors or windows open often. The dirt may get into the unit, or stay at the gaps of buttons, or on the screen. If you leave this alone, the dirt may make the unit work slowly or some functions won’t work well in the future.


What you can do with the dirt? It’s easy to keep your head unit clean. Let’s take the Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 DVD player for example.


It has 7 inch LCD touch screen. You can choose apps in the screen by a touch pen or your fingers. You can zoom in and out pictures by 5-pioint operation function. You can play games in the screen, too. Most users will use fingers to operate the unit because of convenience. The more time you click the screen, the more dirt was bought to the screen.


You may find there are fingerprints, oil stains or dust on the screen often. You can use a dry soft cloth to wipe the screen, or you can use cleanser to clean the screen often. If you take these troublesome, you can paste a film on the screen to protect it.


You can use a wet cloth to wipe the panel of the unit, but don’t leave any water on it. For the dirt in the gaps of buttons, you can use a cotton swab to clean it. If the DVD lens is dirty, you can put a clean disk into the unit to clean it.


You can put a protective cover on the unit when you don’t use it to keep it away from dirt. If it’s ok, clean your hand before you operate it.


If you haven’t had a touch screen car stereo, I would like to recommend this Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 DVD player to you. It’s great and cheap:


Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 Car DVD

Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 Car DVD

This head unit has pure Android 4.2 operation system and dual-core A9 1.6G CPU. It uses U-BLXO G6010 ST chipset and Samsung DDR3 1GB RAM. The Quad-core GPU and H.264 MVC audio decoder bring you HD video and high tone quality.


You can connect your phone with the unit via Bluetooth and dial numbers on the screen directly. You can also answer calls on the screen, download phone book from your cell phone, check call history and listen to music from your phone.


Insert a SD card to the unit, then, you can play media files from it. You can listen to songs freely. The digital signal processing systems and built-in equalizer make you possible to enjoy perfect audio sound.


It has WIFI module. You can set a WIFI hotspot in your cell phone and connect this unit to your phone, then, enjoy E-life service as you like.


It supports steering wheel control for Bluetooth hand free. You can set SWC buttons in setting interface easily.


If you have any questions of this Ford Expedition EL Max U354 Android 4.2 DVD player, you are welcome to ask the online customer service. They are willing to help you. Wish you enjoy shopping and enjoy the time with this unit.



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