How to Skillfully Use GPS Navigation System in Chrysler Series Android 4.2 DVD Player


Chrysler Series Android 4.2 DVD Player

Chrysler Series Android 4.2 DVD Player

Here’s a latest car DVD player for 2007 2008 2009 2010 Chrysler Sebring Aspen 300C Cirrus. There are many great functions in this unit, such as, GPS navigation system, IPod, Bluetooth, TV, radio, OBD II, Mirrorlink and so on. More to know on:


GPS navigation system as an important function in car stereos, it’s easy to use and brings great convenience to drivers. However, if you don’t know the correct steps to install it, use it, and upgrade it, you may find it’s troublesome. Let’s take the Chrysler series Android 4.2 DVD player from Seicane online shop for example and see how to use GPS navigation system skillfully.


First, install a GPS map in the unit. You should insert a SD card with a map in it into the unit. Then, set GPS path in the setting interface and install the map.


Second, use the map. After installation, you can open the map in main menu freely. The map will show your location at first. If you want to set routes, click the key for routes and input starts and destinations. Wait until the map shows you the way. The usage is easy.


Third, upgrade the map. GPS maps would be upgraded at intervals. You can go to the website of your GPS map and check if it has new versions. You can use a SD card to download new version and upgrade the map in the unit. Or, you can connect the unit to Internet and upgrade online directly.


If you find that you haven’t have a GPS map for your unit, or the GPS map can’t work anymore, you can use online map in this unit. It has WIFI module for surfing on Internet, and it supports online map. You can use online map as the way you use a map in your phone or IPad. It’s really convenient.


If you find your map work with problems often, you can use another map, or use another SD card to store the map to see if it is ok.


If you are looking for a navigation stereo, you are welcome to check this Chrysler series Android 4.2 DVD player. It has other great functions, too.


Chrysler Series Android 4.2 DVD Player

Chrysler Series Android 4.2 DVD Player

Screen size 6.2 inch
Touch Screen Multi-touch Capacitve
Resolution 800*400 Pixels
Panel light 8 colors adjustable with RGB
Wallpaper Changeable
Car logo changing Changeable
Main menu Adjustable


Its DVD player has anti shock memory and last position memory feature. It also supports HD 1080P video. You can play discs of DVD/DIVX/MP4/MP3/MP2/VCD format in it.


It comes with USB port and SD card slot. You can play songs, watch videos and view photos from USB disks or SD cards.


It supports steering wheel control. You can set SWC buttons in the setting interface easily.


Its Bluetooth function makes you possible to download phone book to the unit and search contact in it. You can not only dial numbers and answer calls in the unit, but also listen to songs from your phone.


You can DIY main menu, panel color light, car logo, wallpaper and so on in this unit. You can also charge your IPod and IPhone in the unit and enjoy music from them.


You can do more than you think with this Chrysler series Android 4.2 DVD player. You are welcome to know more on:


There are some great optional functions in this unit, they are mirrorlink for IPhone and Samsung Galaxy, OBD II car diagnosing system, rearview camera for car reversing, car speed DVR for video recording and so on. You can add them to the unit when ordering. Please enjoy shopping.


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