How to Connect Bluetooth IPod WIFI in Hyundai Verna GPS Radio


Hyundai Verna GPS Radio

Hyundai Verna GPS Radio

It’s a latest Hyundai Verna GPS radio support Bluetooth, IPod and IPhone music, 3G, WIFI network and so on. Know more on:


Car stereos are multifunctional as smartphones now. You can search online in it; you can use Bluetooth in it; you can play IPod songs in it. You can nearly find all the functions in cell phone in a car stereo. However, since there are so many functions, you may be confused at the first time you use them. But it’s easy to deal these function. Let’s see how to connect Bluetooth, IPod and WIFI in Hyundai Verna GPS radio.


Talking about Bluetooth function, we will think of cell phone with Bluetooth function, and I guess you are familiar with this function, too. It would be the same in car stereo as the connection between cell phones. You have to open Bluetooth function in both cell phone and the head unit. After searching signal, you connect them together. Then, you will see the cell phone information in Bluetooth interface.


In this interface, you can view call history of your phone; you can see phone book and find connectors in your phone; you can call back by clicking the key in screen; you can also play songs from your phone in the head unit. This function is helpful and simple. It brings great convenience to drivers.


Let’s come to the IPod function. This is different from Bluetooth function, and it’s easier. All you need to do is to plug the wire connection for IPod. This wire comes with the head unit. It fits to IPhone, too.


After connection, you can see play lists in IPod interface. You can play songs by list, or by singers. The operation in the screen is nearly the same as in your IPod and IPhone. If you are a music fan, you don’t want to miss this function.


It’s the WIFI connection, now. For a car stereo with 3G and WIFI connection, you have to connect to the network so that you can search online. The operation is also similar to the WIFI connection in cell phone.


First, you should be in a place WIFI. Then, go to the setting interface, find the network or WIFI logo and click it. You will find some available signals in it. Choose one of them and input the code.


After connection, you go back to the main menu and click IE browser. And, you find it possible to search online, now. The WIFI function is welcome by car owners for the reason that they can listen to music, watch video, see blogs and do many things online. It’s convenient with network in your car. You can also use this function to download upgraded versions of software and install them directly.


With all these functions in a head unit, you will have pleasant journeys every day. If you are confused with other new functions in car stereo, you can ask online service of car stereo merchants, they are willing to help.


Hyundai Verna GPS Radio

Hyundai Verna GPS Radio



If you are looking for a new car stereo with these functions, I would like to recommend this Hyundai Verna GPS radio to you. Let’s know more about it.


It supports 3D navigation system with re-plan and voice function.

It supports high sensitive FM/AM Radio receiving mode, RDS and 99 stations preset for FM/AM.

It supports 3-zone advanced POP technology. You can use the Navi system and enjoy entertainments in one clear screen.

It supports light detect function and standby function.

It supports DVD recording function, you can record the video from the playing menu of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB.


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