How to connect your phone via Mirror link in a 2011 2012 Kia K2 RIO head unit with CD DVD Player AM FM Radio Bluetooth WIFI 3G

Look at the image below, it’s an up-to-date 2011 2012 Kia K2 RIO head unit from Seicane with a lot of advanced specifications and great configurations. It’s loaded with a lot of useful features and entertainment options to meet your different requirements in a car, such as 3D GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, DVD player, FM/AM radio, RDS, WIFI, USB, SD, etc.

2011 2012 Kia K2 RIO head unit

2011 2012 Kia K2 RIO head unit



In addition, this Kia K2 RIO head unit can support many practical options to be added, including mirror link, digital TV, rearview camera, 3G module, OBDII, etc. To add mirror link to this unit, you are able to connect your mobile phone with this unit, so that you can  get all your smart phone’s applications on the unit to dial numbers, play music and videos, etc. In this way, you are allowed to share many good things in your phone with your friends in your car.


If it’s the first time for you to use the mirror link function in a head unit, you may be a little confused at how to use it. Here I’d like to share the instruction of the usage of the mirror link with you. The mirror link can support IPhone and Samsung Galaxy(android 4.2 and above) at present.


At the first time, you should activate the mirror link so that you can use it. Turn on your IPhone or Samsung Galaxy and the head unit at first, then you should connect your phone with this unit via WIFI. It the main menu of this unit, you can find an icon “Airpin” where you can set the name and password by yourself so that you can search for it more easily next time. In addition, other settings in the AirPin interface for Mirror link like latency, buffer, cursor mode, video and audio player and so on can all be set according to your own preference.


After connection, you can see all the interface of your mobile phone on the large screen of the unit. Then you are able to operate your mobile phone with your fingers on the big screen.


It’s quite convenient for you to play whatever you like in your phone with this Kia K2 RIO head unit. If your current unit can’t support the mirror link function, you can upgrade it with this Seicane unit for more features. For more details on the Kia K2 RIO head unit, you are welcome to enter the link below:


This Kia K2 RIO head unit comes with a lot of practical features and entertainment functions, you can easily get to your destination with the GPS navigation system, surf the internet freely, listen to your favorite music, watch various kinds of videos, download thousands of apps. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, you are allowed to make and receive calls with your hands on the steering wheel control to keep safe on all trips.


Wish you’d like this Kia K2 RIO head unit and have a great time with it in your car. Good luck to you!

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