How to Upkeep Your Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player in Daily Use

Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player

Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player


It’s a latest Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player with great functions. It has built-in Analog TV tuner, which supports all TV system. And, it has external HD Digital TV Box(DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) with double Tuner as optional.


It supports 3-zone advanced POP technology. You can use the navigation system and enjoy entertainment in one clear screen. It also supports DVD recording function. You can record the video from the playing menu of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB. The dual zone function in it supports GPS navigation working with entertainment at the same time.


There are many other functions in it, such USB and SD card function, Bluetooth hand free and music function, 3G and WIFI network function and so on. You can know more key features on:


If you have a great head unit as this Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player, you must love it very much. You may want it to work well and work for a long time for you. A car stereo is an electronic product, which is the same as our phones and computers. But a car stereo is settled in a car. So you may not notice that it needs to upkeep at intervals.


You may wipe your phone and computer sometimes. You may upgrade software in them sometimes. Have you ever thought of the same upkeep for your car stereo? If you didn’t, you can pay attention to it now.


Pay attention to car DVD player upkeep in daily use is necessary. Car DVD players as one of the electronics are consumables. If you don’t maintain it often, it will break down after long time service. So you have to maintain it constantly. There are several things you should do to upkeep the head unit in your car. Screen upkeep, DVD upkeep and software upkeep are necessary.


The screen is the window of a car stereo. You have to watch the screen to operate functions; you have to touch it to choose the step you want; you have to watch the screen to get information from different functions. It’s so important that you have to keep it in good condition. Here are the things you should do: clean it often with soft cloth; touch it with a touch pen; avoid sharp objects. In a word, treat it as gentle as you can.


Next, we should pay attention to the disc play function. The DVD laser inside DVD box is the core part of the disc play function. If it breaks down, this function cannot be used, too. You can clean it with detergent once or twice a month. And the discs you put in it should be kept clean so that they won’t bring too much dust to DVD laser. This won’t take too much time, you can do it well.


Many car stereos can connect to internet now. Upgraded software in a car DVD player makes it works faster and better. It’s the same as a phone or a computer.


There are some other things you should know when using your car DVD player. Please put the unit in a condition which is not too wet or too dry, and not too hot or too cold.


And if you want to upgrade the head unit, you’d better go to a 4S shop or a professional. Upgrade by your own is not safe. And it may bring damage to the new unit. Now you know how to upkeep your car stereo in daily use, please enjoy your journey with it.


Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player

Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player


If you are looking for a new good head unit, I would like to recommend this Kia Sorento GPS Bluetooth DVD Player to you, you will like it:

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