How to Deal With GPS Issues of Opel Corsa DVD Radio Player

Opel Corsa DVD Radio Player

Opel Corsa DVD Radio Player


It’s an Opel Corsa DVD radio player with 3G, WIFI, USB, SD, Bluetooth, IPod and other great functions, more to know on:


GPS function would be one of the most frequency-used functions in head unit. It’s a great helper to drivers, especially when you are in a new place. Latest navigation system in car stereos now supports 3D map and re-planning function. You can get detailed information of surroundings from the map. You will know how long it takes to get to the destination; you will know how far would be the next exist of the road; you will know when to take a turn by voice prompt.


Since navigation system helps a lot, you may be headache to have something wrong with it. The most common problem of the GPS system would be the signal issue.


Sometimes, car owners cannot locate their location with the navigation system on. If you meet this problem, you should check whether there’s something wrong with the hardware of the head unit, if not, this may cause by the signal connection.


In this case, please try to place the GPS antenna in another place. If you put the GPS antenna on the headstork before, you can put it on the cover plate of the trunk now. The signal would be easier to be interfered in the headstork than in the trunk of a car.


Some car owners find that the information in GPS map goes wrong often. This may be caused by the map. The maps should be upgraded at intervals. You can download the upgraded version from the Internet and use a USB flash disk or a SD card to storage it. Some car stereo merchants offer GPS maps directly. You can ask your merchant for the map resources, too. This will help you find a suitable map in a short time.


If you find your navigation works without sound, please check if you have pressed the mute key of the unit. If not, you should go to the GPS setting and check whether you turn off the voice function. The system setting for audio should be checked, too.


In most cases, the GPS issues will be solved by the methods mentioned above. If the problems still exist, you can ask your merchant for help first. If the problems still can be solved, you’d better go to a repair shop and check the unit thoroughly.


Wish you have good time with your car stereo. If you are looking for an Opel Corsa DVD radio, I have a good one to share with you. It has good GPS navigation system, too. Here are the key functions.


Opel Corsa DVD Radio Player

Opel Corsa DVD Radio Player

It’s for 2008 2009 2010 2011 Opel Corsa. It has 3D flash graphics accelerator to achieve 3D cool three-dimensional & flash menu. It supports multimedia HD video play.


It supports high sensitive FM/AM Radio receiving mode. It’s worldwide used. You can grasp the global news and traffic conditions at any time. It supports RDS and 99 stations preset for AM/FM.


It supports 3G and WIFI function with big keyboard. You can search online at any time.


It supports 3D GPS map. You can see the routes by both 2D and 3D map. It also supports voice navigation and re-planning routes automatically. You will never get lost with it in your car.


It supports car speed DVR. It can record videos clearly during driving. And you can playback the videos by TVs, cell phones and computers.


There are more function of this Opel Corsa DVD radio on website, you are welcome to know more, here’s the link:


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