How to deal with Sound Issues of Skoda Octavia II 2 Din DVD Stereo


Skoda Octavia II 2 Din DVD Stereo

Skoda Octavia II 2 Din DVD Stereo

It’s a Skoda Octavia II 2 din DVD stereo with many good functions, such as, Bluetooth, USB, SD, TV, radio and so on. More on:


It’s a 7 inch touch screen multimedia with Wince 6.0 operation system. You can setup audio balance of high/mid/bass. You can also adjust the video of lightness/contrast/color.


It supports IPod and IPhone full control with charging function. You can listen to any music in your iPod or iPhone by the iPod function. It supports 3-zone advanced POP technology. You can use GPS system and enjoy entertainment in one clear screen.


It supports DVD recording function. You can record the video from the playing menu of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB. It supports CD downloading function. You can download CD/DVD to the head device.


It support 3G and WIFI network. You can search on net with the big keyboard in it. It support radio RDS and 99 stations preset for AM/FM. You can keep your favorite stations in it freely.


Skoda Octavia II 2 Din DVD Stereo

Skoda Octavia II 2 Din DVD Stereo

If you have a good head unit as this Skoda Octavia II 2 din DVD stereo, you must enjoy your driving every day. But you have to make sure all the function goes well, including the sound system.


Nearly every function in a car stereo is related to sound system. If there’s something wrong with the sound system in your head unit, you are not able to listen to songs, or you have to watch videos without sounds. You are also not able to listen to radio and voice navigation.


The most common problem of sound system would be loud sound, no sound and noise disturbance.


If you find your car stereo starting up with loud sound every time. This may cause by the default volume. It’s not a big problem. You just need to go to the audio system interface and set the volume.


If you find your car stereo no sound at all, you have to make sure you didn’t set the volume to 0 in audio setting. If not, you may need to shift your original car CD to AUX mode. Please press the MEDIA button on the dash board, then, it will enter your original car’s AUX mode. If there’s no MEDIA button on your original dash board, you can enter AUX mode in setting interface. In most cases, this would solve the problem


If you find your car stereo with noise disturbance, especially when you start your car, here’s a method to deal with the problem. You can use tapes to wrap the metal terminal part of the RCA cable. The tape will cut off the disturbance to the wires. But this method is only for reference.


If the methods above cannot help, I suggest you to ask the car stereo merchant at first. In most cases, the engineer from merchant will guide you to solve this problem. If the merchant can’t help, too, you can try to ask on the net.


There are many forums for car stereos. You can find the ones for your car model and ask your questions on them. Other car owners or professionals who know the solutions will answer you. You can follow their guides to solve the problem.


If you can’t solve the problem at last, you’d better go to a repair shop and check if the hardware of your unit is broken. If so, you have to repair it. Wish your car stereo works well.


More about functions and professional installation information of the Skoda Octavia II 2 din DVD stereo can be found on website. If you are interested in it, you are welcome to know more. It’s on discount now:


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