How to identify a car stereo good or not

Car stereos in the market vary design from design, and price from price, it may be a bit hard for some car owners to pick an ideal one with high configurations at a reasonable price from so many products. So it there any way to tell whether a car stereo is good or not? In fact, there are several points you can pay attention to when picking a car stereo for your beloved car.


2005-2012 Mercedes Benz GL Class X164 car stereo

2005-2012 Mercedes Benz GL Class X164 car stereo


To select a car stereo, you can take the following main aspects into consideration: OS and CPU, sound and image, features, size and screen.


OS and CPU: OS namely the operation system is mainly divided into Android and Wince operation systems in the market nowadays. Both of them have their own merits. Wince operating system comes with easy and stable operation, while Android is the most advanced one and is becoming more and more popular with most car owners. Android can support a lot of apps to be downloaded and upgraded easily from the Android market, which makes it the mainstream in the car stereo market at present. Dual core and quad core are two main kinds of the CPU. The latter can deal with the data within less time than the former one, which also makes the former more prevailing and a bit expensive.


Sound and image: The audio decoder and GPU are the factors for you to consider the sound and image. Besides, a digital signal processing (DSP) system and a built-in equalizer can also help improve the sound quality.


Features: There are a wide range of features you can take into account when judging a car stereo, including GPS navigation, DVD/CD player, Bluetooth technology, FM/AM radio,RDS, USB port, SD card slot, wifi, compatible additional features, steering wheel control, AUX, etc. Not all the features are necessary to be included in one car stereo, what you need is actually the most valuable.


Size and screen: The bigger size is not always the better for you, what matters is that the new car stereo can fit your car and you should feel comfortable with it. In most cases, a screen with big size usually can ease your eyes. Besides, a touch screen is more simple to operate. There are resistive and capacitive touch screen. Generally speaking, the latter is easier to perform.


All in all, these aspects are given only for reference, you can of course lay emphasis on other parameters according to your own needs.


If you have a Mercedes Benz GL Class X164 GL300 GL350 GL420 from 2005 to 2012, the unit showed as the above picture might be the best choice for you to replace your factory radio. It comes with a number of features like GPS navigation system, DVD player, FM/AM radio, RDS, Bluetooth technology, wifi, USB and SD card connection, etc.


It is equipped with the advanced Android 4.4.4 operation system and a strong RK3188 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 Quad-core processor to provide a fast and smooth operation and a remarkable performance.



The GPS navigation system which provides lane assist, 3D street view, landmark display, route planning, voice prompts and turn-by-turn direction can guide you to any unfamiliar location on time.


While navigating, you can also enjoy your favorite music from the playlist in your cell phone or other portable devices thanks to the built in Bluetooth feature. Besides, hands-free calls are available in this way to keep both you and your passengers safe.


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