A guide of car audio system replacement

An amazing audio system of high quality in your car can make your driving experience brilliant. When you find that the music in your car is no more exciting, you maybe get dissatisfied with its sound quality. In this case, you can think about the upgrade of your audio system. To help you better upgrade it, the following are some guide on the audio system for you to take as a reference.

A guide of car audio system replacement

A guide of car audio system replacement


Component Vs. coaxial speakers

Speakers can be classified as component speakers and coaxial speakers. No matter which type of the speaker in your car is, it is relatively easy to be upgraded. Since factory speakers are typically built with substandard components, so the aftermarket replacements in the proper size are relatively easier to be found in the car market. One thing you need to pay attention is that it’s hard to play when you replace the coaxial speakers with component speakers, therefore, it’s not suggested you upgrade from coaxial speakers to component speakers.


The amplifier

If your factory radio is single or double din, then it’s easier to replace it with a new aftermarket radio which can upgrade your amplifier at the same time or can support the upgrade of the amplifier easily. However, since most aftermarkets are designed for one or two din car stereos, if your factory radio doesn’t conform to either of them, it’s hard for you to replace the amplifier. On other hand, if your factory radio comes with preamp outputs, it will also make the upgrade easier. You just need to buy a new amplifier and plug it into the preamp outputs whenever you want, then you can upgrade your sound quality whenever and enjoy the amazing music and audio in your car.


Other practical features

Besides upgrading the audio system can bring you a different driving experience, there are a number of features than can be upgraded in a car radio to offer you a new experience. Features can be upgraded in your radio include GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, DVD player, HD radio or satellite radio, iPod connection, AUX, USB and SD card connection. As the technology improved, these features may be integrated together, which enables you to get a wide range of features in one unit. What’s more, some other practical features like rearview camera, digital TV, OBDⅡ, TPMS, DVR, Mirror Link, etc. are mostly compatible with a modern aftermarket radio and can be optionally added to a radio according to your own needs.


In a word, what you really need is actually the best for you. Before you upgrade a car radio, figure out what features you want exactly during your driving and in your car, then you can find the most suitable and ideal components. Finding a well-remarked supplier is wise for you to pick up the right things of high quality. I’d like to recommend a popular website called Seicane to you: http://www.seicane.com/ . Best wishes and good luck!

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