How to Install a Mercedes Benz W245 Navigation System Correctly


Mercedes Benz W245 Navigation System

Mercedes Benz W245 Navigation System

It’s a Mercedes Benz W245 navigation system. It’s for 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Mercedes Benz B W245 B150 B160 B170 B180 B200 B55. It has many great functions. Check it out on:


Upgrade car stereo is not a difficult thing. But you have to pay attention to many aspects so that you protect your car well and install the new head unit in your car perfectly. Wrong installation method may bring damage to the new unit. If you are going to upgrade your car stereo, I have some advices for you.


  1. For the safety and proper use of the new head unit, it’s highly recommend that it should be installed by a professional staff or an authorized dealer. You’d better not install it by yourself if you don’t know about installation at all.
  2. When installing the head unit, all the metal and hard objects should be removed so that to avoid seats or interior trims of the car from being damaged during the process.
  3. Put the components away when installing the new unit. Avoid interior trim being damaged; avoid short circuit. Any joints must be done well and insulated.
  4. To prevent damaging active components when in the process of connection wires(such as, the steering wheel, throttle and brake pedal and so on). Keep the connection wires safe(such as, GPS antenna, cassette mechanism wire, reverse wire and so on.).
  5. Do not connect the wires or accessories when in the boot-up state to avoid the host computer and accessories being damaged.
  6. Put car into reverse gear after installing a rear view camera.


After installation, you can check all the functions to see if they are compatible with the car. If you find that you don’t get signals, such as, GPS function, radio function, Bluetooth and so on, please make sure that you use every function in correct way.


For the GPS navigation system, you should have the GPS map installed in your head unit so that it can work for you. The radio issue would probably cause by wire connection. You should check wire for sure. The Bluetooth function should be “on” in setting interface so that you can search for it from your phone.


In most cases, these usage methods will be in user menu. You should follow the instruction and use all the functions correctly. If you use them in correct way, but there are problems, you’d better ask the dealer for help.


Wish you install your head unit correctly, and the unit work well in your car. If you are interested in the Mercedes Benz W245 navigation system at the beginning of the text, I would like to show you its key functions.


Mercedes Benz W245 Navigation System

Mercedes Benz W245 Navigation System

It’s a 7 inch HD touch screen DVD player, which uses Android 4.2 operation system and U-BLXO G6010 ST chipset. It adopts the internationally renowned Samsung brand electronic components which are in obedience with the ROHS rules and of small volume, light weight, excellent thermo stability, high voltage resistance, low leakage current and dielectric loss, good frequency and temperature property.


It supports WIFI network for online surfing, Bluetooth for hand free and music, Ipod and IPhone charging and music, radio RDS and 30 stations preset for AM/FM, USB and SD card for GPS and entertainment and so on.


It has some good optional functions. It supports car speed DVR for driving video recording, rearview camera for car reversing, Mirrorlink for controlling cell phone and head unit, OBD II for diagnosing the car and so on.


It’s great and cheap. You are welcome to know more about this Mercedes Benz W245 navigation system:


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