How to play iPod with a 2004-2012 Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo with Bluetooth 3G WiFi Mirror Link OBD2

Here comes a high-end 2004-2012 Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo from Seicane with its operating system upgraded to Android 4.4.4 and processor to a RK3188 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 Quad-core. It can support a wide range of useful features and entertainment functions, such as GPS navigation, DVD player, Bluetooth connection, iPod, FM/AM radio, RDS, USB port, SD card slot, etc. You can get the greatest convenience and pleasure in your car with it on all your trips.


2004-2012 Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo

2004-2012 Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo


To relax during a long journey, many car owners would like to play iPod in their car. You are allowed to play songs directly via the iPod function in a car stereo like this 2004-2012 Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo. It comes with a cable specially for iPod function. You connect your car stereo with one end of the cable and your iPod with the other end. You can run the cable from the glove box. Besides, you are able to play music from your iPhone with the iPod function, too.


When your iPod is connected to this unit, the song list of your iPod will be shown on the big screen of the car stereo, and you can directly operate on the touch screen. It’s easy and convenient to operate while you are driving. And the sound quality is quite high.


However, not all car stereos come with iPod function. Then how to play iPod with a car stereo without iPod function? You can add some tools to make it work. The ways are simple. Here are three easy methods for you as a reference.


First of all, you can use a FM transmitter to connect your iPod and car stereo. You need to turn the FM radio to a specific channel after you insert the transmitter in your car stereo, in this way, you can listen to the songs in your iPod. The sound quality is not as good as the iPod, but it is easy to operate.


Secondly, you can use a cassette player. Before you use this method, you need to make sure that your car stereo can work with a cassette player. If it can, you can use a cassette player to play iPod with your car stereo. The cassette player can sense what you are doing with the tape deck and translate it to your IPod. In this way, you can use the remote control with your iPod. But the sound quality is not good, either.


Thirdly, you are able to use an AUX in adapter. It is easy to operate. By tuning Sat1 or Sat2 from the adapter, you can receive the pure audio input. The sound quality in this way is better than the previous two.


Above all, three ways to play iPod in a car stereo without iPod function are quite easy. You can choose the best one according to your preference. If you want to play iPod directly with a car stereo, you’d better replace your factory radio with a new car stereo which comes with iPod feature. If you have a 2004-2012 Mercedes Benz A Class W169, you can refer to this amazing Seicane 2004-2012 Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo.


Coming with a large 7 inch 1024*600 multi-touch screen, this Seicane Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo is the best replacement for you if you are going to upgrade your factory radio in your Mercedes Benz A Class W169. You can be accurately guided to anywhere with its built-in GPS navigation system. The Bluetooth is designed for hands free calls and Bluetooth music. With the built-in radio, you can listen to your favorite station to amuse yourself all the way. For more information, you are welcome to click:


Just buy this wonderful Seicane Mercedes Benz A Class W169 car stereo with such a reasonable price right now and enjoy all your trips.

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