How to Maintain This 2000-2007 VW Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo in Usage

Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo

Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo


It’s an Android 4.2 VW Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo. It fits VW Volkswagen Polo from 2000 to 2007. It has many fantastic functions, such as, GPS navigation system, USB, Bluetooth, IPod, 3G, Mirrorlink, OBD II and so on. Check out on:


Do you know that you don’t need to do special things to maintain you head unit and it will be good as a new one? If you use the unit in correct step and correct way, it will work for you in good condition for a long time.


Let’s start from the installation. You should install the head unit correctly. In most cases, if you are not a professional staff, you are not recommended to install the unit by yourself, because wrong installation will bring damage to the unit. For example, if you install a head unit which supports 12V car power system in a car with 24V power system, it may damage the head unit.


Make sure the head unit is installed correct. Then, in the first three times usage, recharge the battery for 10 hours per time. This will keep your head unit battery in good condition in later usage.


You turn on the head unit in the panel and use a touch pen to operate the head unit. You can use your fingers, too. But you need to operate it gently, and don’t let your finger nails leave scratches on the screen. Or, you can paste a protective film on the screen.


Now you want to play a disc in it. You should put a good and clean disc into the head unit. Deformed and dirty discs may get stuck in the player sometimes. Once a disc gets stuck, you may spend a long time to take it out.


When the unit is working, you can enjoy all the functions it can supply. But don’t pull out a USB disk or a SD card suddenly when it is working with the unit. The unit has to stop work suddenly, and the data in your storage device may be lost.


After having a good time with the head unit, you want to turn off it now. Make sure all the pages are closed before you turn off the unit. Don’t cut off the power when the unit is still on.


That’s it. You can do like this when using this Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo. And, it will be in good condition for a long time. If you are interested in this head unit, here are some key features for you.


Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo

Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo

It supports Aux in for audio and video input and output with RCA video output, CAM IN video Input, video in, RCA audio FR/FL/RR/RL/, subwoofer output and AUX audio R/L input. It has file management. You can manage files on external storage devices by selecting, copying, pasting and deleting the files.


It supports wallpaper DIY. It has 8 live wallpapers and 21 wallpapers preloaded. You can also set any picture you like as wallpaper.  You can drag Search Bar, Weather Forecast Widgets, Music/Radio/BT-Stereo Player, Apps or other Bookmarks on main menu to DIY your main menu, too.


It supports IPod and IPhone charging and music play. You just need to connect your IPod or IPhone to the unit by USB cable. It supports Bluetooth for call history reading, phone book reading, music play and phoning. It also supports 3G Internet, Mirrorlink, OBD II, rearview camera, car speed DVR and so on.


It’s a high quality and cheap head unit. You are welcome to know more on website. Here’s the link of this Volkswagen Polo in Dash GPS Stereo:


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