How to upgrade maps in a 2006-2013 Audi TT head unit with DVD player Bluetooth touch screen


Look at the following picture, it’s a popular Seicane Audi TT head unit after installation for cars from 2006 to 2013.It looks so cool, doesn’t it? With a user-friendly interface and the latest configuration, this unit can support a lot of practical as well as entertainment features which include 3D GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, DVD/CD player, FM/AM radio, RDS, iPod, WIFI, 3G, USB port, SD card slot, etc. With such an amazing head unit in your car, you can get the greatest convenience and enjoyment on all your trips.


2006-2013 Audi TT head unit

2006-2013 Audi TT head unit

When you are going to a new location, the 3D GPS navigation system will be a wonderful helper as well as road companion. It can provide your current location for you to know where you are. Route planning can lead you to your desired destination as soon as possible, and it can re-plan a route for you when you are not at the preset route. You can be reminded for the traffic information by its voice prompts. Besides, the 3D street view, landmark display, turn-by-turn direction, etc. are all helpful for you while you are driving.


To get to your destination smoothly, you need to have the latest map in your head unit, which requires you to update the maps every half a year or a year. Here are some suggestions on how to upgrade maps in a head unit for you as a reference.


There are two ways for you to upgrade a map in your head unit. First of all, you can use an SD card to do it. You can surf the website of your GPS maps and download the latest version in your computer, then you use the SD card to copy the map from your computer. After that, you insert the SD card into the slot of the head unit and install the latest map in it. After the installation, you can use the newest map to set starts and destinations to find the best way. Remember to keep the SD card in the unit and not to remove it when the unit is working, or you may lose the data.


Secondly, you can turn on WIFI to search for the latest map directly with the unit when you are in range of a WIFI hotspot, and if you can connect to 3G network, you can do it in the same way. When you find the latest map with this unit, you can directly download it in the unit.


To find the latest map, you can surf the internet by yourself. In addition, you can also ask your dealer for it if you have ever bought a head unit from him.


If you don’t have a head unit with GPS navigation function, I’d like to recommend a multifunctional Audi TT head unit from Seicane to you. Here’s the link, please click:


This Seicane Audi TT head unit is upgraded to the latest Android 4.4.4 operating system and a powerful RK3188 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 Quad-core processor. It can provide you with the most precise direction for you to find the way to your destination. While navigating, you are also allowed to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and have hands-free phone calls. A backup camera can be compatible with this unit to assist parking.


Take this fantastic Seicane Audi TT head unit with you and enjoy your trips right now!


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