How to Remove 2002-2005 Chrysler 300M CD Player Radio


Here’s an aftermarket touch screen navigation stereo for Chrysler 300M from 2002 to 2005. This unit supports many functions, such as, TV, radio RDS, Bluetooth, IPod, GPS and so on. You are welcome to know more about it:


Remove a Chrysler 300M radio is easy. All you have to do is to prepare tools, take off the trim panel, then, take out the radio. It sounds really simple. But, you have to pay attention to some things.


First, you are not recommended to do it yourself if you haven’t removed a head unit before.


Second, to ensure security, the negative cable on the vehicle battery should be removed.


Third, please remove the radio gently to avoid the seats or interior trim of the car being damaged.


Here are the steps to remove a Chrysler 300M radio.


  1. Use a lever or a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the trim panel. You should do these for several times so that you can take the panel off the dashboard.                                                                                                                                                                               131246593
  2. Disconnect the wires from the back of the panel.                                                                                                   554500
  3. Now, you will see four screws which are holding the radio. Remove them and take the radio out of the dash. Then, disconnect the wires from the back of the radio.


That’s the removal of a Chrysler 300M radio. It’s easy. However, you remove the radio is for a new head unit. So, the installation is important. The installation steps are simple, too. You just need connect the new unit to the car and install the trim panel back.


But before that, you should buy a suitable head unit for your car, which is compatible with your car perfectly. It will also have the functions which can fulfill your needs. If you haven’t found a head unit like that, you can check out the one above.


It’s from It is specialized for 2005-2007 Chrysler 300 Limited/Touring, 2005-2007 Chrysler 300C(W/NAV) and 2002-2005 Chrysler 300-M. If you are not sure whether it fits your car, you can send a picture of your dashboard to to make sure. Customer service staffs from Seicane will help to check whether it fits your car. If not, they will recommend a suitable one to you, too.


This unit has 7 inch touch screen, which supports 1080P HD videos. It comes with Video/Audio/Aux input and output ports, you can connect to amplifier, headrest LCD monitor, rearview camera and other external media devices.


It has 3-band EQ to satisfy your needs of perfect audio sound. It has night mode for usage at night. And, it has several OSD languages for choice, such as, English, Russia, French, Hindi, Hebrew, Spain, Turkish, Thai, Portugal, Arabic etc.


You can operate your IPOD and Iphone to the unit by an IPod cable. It supports display of name, album and singer information. It is compatible with IPod Class, IPod Nano, IPhone4 and Iphone4s.


It has built-in navigation system for 3D maps. It can provide voice cues, distance information, POIs and road planning all the way. This function helps a lot when you are in a new place.


It is equipped with backup camera input for connecting rearview camera or intelligent security systems such as TPMS. It can automatically switch to the rearview camera image on the touch screen when you reverse your car.


RDS support Yes
FM/AM frequency FM: 87.5-108MHz 0.05MHz AM: 522-1620KHz 9KHz
Storage quantity 30 stations (FM: 3*6 AM: 2*6)
Search method Auto/Manual Search and Save


Operating Environment
Working voltage 12V
Working current 1.5A
Working Temperature -20°C-70°C


You are welcome to know more about this unit on website. It’s on discount now:



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