How to skillfully operate a 2006-2014 Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo with GPS DVD player Bluetooth

Replacing the factory radio with an intelligent aftermarket car stereo has become a trend for car owners who want to have a comfortable in-car environment and an exciting driving experience. The following picture is a unit of a modern Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo from Seicane which comes with high configurations as well as an attractive interface. If you want to upgrade your Mercedes Benz R Class W251, it might be your best choice.


2006-2014 Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo

2006-2014 Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo


This Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo comes with a wide range of features, such as GPS navigation system, DVD player, Bluetooth connectivity, FM/AM radio, RDS, TV, iPod, USB port, SD card slot, wifi, 3G internet, etc. If you know how to operate these functions skillfully, you can put this car stereo into its best use. The following is the related operation of this 2006-2014 Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo for you as a reference.


First of all, the most important and most frequently-used feature for many of the car owners is the GPS navigation function. To get to your destination with its GPS navigation function, you should insert an SD card with maps in it. Then install the map in this unit. After the installation, you can use the maps freely to a wide range of locations. You are able to set a number of starts and destinations according to your needs. In addition, if you can surf the internet via wifi or 3g dongle, you are also allowed to use the online maps directly.


Next, this Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo can function as a remarkable DVD player. Supported a wide range of disk formats which include DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CR-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, MP3, WMA, HDCD, SVCD, VCD, etc., you are able to put any compatible disk from every country into this DVD player to play your favorite videos.


Thirdly, you can use it as a charger. This unit comes with IPod function. With the USB cable which will be included in the package, you can connect your iPod and iPhone to this unit to charge, most importantly, you can listen to your favorite music from the playlist in your iPod and iPhone.



What’s more, it can also works as a computer. This unit is equipped with WIFI module and can support 3G dongle, you are able to easily get access to online videos, music, games, thousands of apps like Skype, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, VK etc. Besides, this unit has office tools and file management, which enables you to read and edit Word/Excel/Powerpoint/PDF/TXT freely in your car wherever you are.


In addition, you can use it as a notebook. Many practical features like calendar, calculator and clock are all built in this unit. You can mark down important messages in it.


Last but not least, you can set a number of features in the setting interface to meet your different needs. For more information, you are welcome to click the following link:

Wish you will like this amazing Mercedes Benz R Class W251 car stereo and have a good time with it.

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