How to select a right aftermarket Porsche Cayenne car stereo for your car

If you have a good car like Porsche Cayenne, you naturally want to have a comfortable in-car environment and a wonderful driving experience. In this case, to upgrade your factory radio with an advanced Porsche Cayenne car stereo which comes with high configurations and can be compatible with a number of features is a good idea for you. You may find it a bit hard to find an ideal and suitable car stereo in a sea of car electronic products. This article aims to give you some advice for you as a reference.


2003-2011  Porsche Cayenne car stereo

2003-2011 Porsche Cayenne car stereo

To buy a car stereo, you can either select a physical store or an online shop. No matter which way you are going to take, you need to do something before you begin to select. First of all, you need to make sure the car model and manufacture year. When you go to a physical car stereo shop and tell the seller the detailed information of your car, he can help you find your potential options quickly. If you shop online, typing the car model and year can help you narrow down the choices as well.


Next, you need to measure the height of your factory radio. Car stereos are usually classified as two categories: single din and double din car stereos. If your factory radio is 2 inches(50mm) tall, you should replace it with a single din car stereo. If you want to replace your two-inch factory radio with a double din car stereo, you can take your factory radio out of the dash and check if there is enough room for a double din one or you can take a photo of it to ask a car stereo seller to check. While double din car stereos are mostly used for the factory radio which is 4 inches(100mm) tall.


Besides, it’s wise of you to keep the shape of your factory radio in mind, which can also be helpful when you are picking a car stereo. If not, it’s recommended you take a picture of your dashboard.


At last, you go to a physical store or surf the websites for a car stereo. Either of them has their own merits. In a physical store, you can touch the product as well as test it at once. While it may be more cost-effective for you to buy one on an online shop since there is less cost for online vendors to sell products. You may think it hard to make a decision among so many options. In fact, those car stereo suppliers who provide good products and excellent services are more popular with buyers. You can take the remarks as a reference.


If you narrow down the choices, you can compare them one by one carefully. Refer to the parameters and compare the price, and you can select an ideal aftermarket car stereo for your car within less time. Generally speaking, car stereos with higher configurations are usually with a bit higher price, too.


Wish the above tips can help you to find an ideal car stereo. If you don’t know where to find, I’d like to share an amazing Porsche Cayenne car stereo from Seicane with you, which can be suitable for Porsche Cayenne from 2003 to 2011. Please click:


This Porsche Cayenne car stereo comes with the latest Android 4.4.4 and a powerful RK3188 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 Quad-core CPU to work together to deliver a smoother and stronger performance than ever before.


It comes with high speed 3G&WiFi internet for you to perform Google search on the road with quick search box, play online games, watch videos, download online data and check emails by connecting to any WiFi hotspot in range or 3g internet. Practical apps like Skype, MSN, YouTube, twitter, E-Book, Gmail, etc are also easily available.


The worldwide real-time 3D GPS navigation system to provide current location, speed, mileage, landmark building display, 3D street view, destination search and turn-by-turn voice directions will be your perfect road companion.


It is built with bluetooth connectivity for you wirelessly sync with your mobile phone for hands-free calls and music streaming. Its phonebook function enables you to search for contacts directly on the big screen of the head unit.


For more detailed information, please feel free to go through the above link. Under a big discount, it’s a good time for you to take this 3003-2011 Porsche Cayenne car stereo right now!

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