The Important User Guide for Seicane Car Navigation Stereo Systems

Product Introduction

The Seicane car navigation stereo system is a device that integrates satellite navigation, car theater, mobile office and entertainment systems. It adopts advanced navigation technology to provide you with detailed navigation information, so that helps you arrive at destination quickly and safely. The convenient mobile office function allows you to handle business anytime and anywhere, communication is no longer bounded. Apart from these, the rich entertainment such as music and videos bring you the best in-car life experience.

With years of painstaking research and development, condensing cutting-edge technology and traditional wisdom crystallization, Seicane has been a new concept of car navigation stereo system to help you explore new joys, enjoy modern life and say goodbye to a singular and tired journey and enjoy driving fun!

Precautions for Use

For your safety, please do not watch videos on this stereo system while driving and please adjust the volume to a level where you can clearly hear outside during driving. Before using the device, please read below instructions in detail to understand the relevant safety tips and warning signs on this the device.

  • First of all, please pay attention to driving safety.
  • If you encounter difficulties in operating this system, please park your car in a safe place before operating again.
  • Do not allow children to operate the system to avoid personal injury or damage to the product.
  • Please follow the traffic rules when using the GPS navigation function.
  • Please do not use the system in places where the use of electronic equipment or open flames is forbidden, such as gas stations, wineries, areas with strong electromagnetic interference, etc., otherwise it may cause danger.
  • Do not install or repair the product when the car power is on. It is very dangerous to install and repair the systemby personnel who have not received the training or lack of experience in installing electronic equipment or vehicle accessories.
  • Do not scratch the display screen with some sharp objects, and do not press the display screen with hard objects, otherwise it will cause damage to the display screen or touch screen.
  • In order to ensure the normal operation of the systemand prevent fire or electric shock, please do not expose the system to humid air or spill liquid on the system.

Maintenance And Protections

Seicane car audio system is made with excellent design and craftsmanship and should be used with care. The following suggestions will help extend the life of the car navigation system.

  • Please keep the car navigation system and all its parts and accessories out of the reach of children.
  • Please keep the system dry. Rain, humidity, and various liquids or moisture may contain minerals, which can corrode electronic circuits. If the systemcomes into contact with water or immersion in water, it will damage the components and cause irreparable damage.
  • Do not use or store the systemin dusty or dirty places. This will damage its detachable parts.
  • Do not store the systemin an overheated place. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy batteries, and deform or melt some plastic parts.
  • Do not place the systemin a place that is too cold. Otherwise, when the temperature of the system rises or reaches normal temperature, moisture will form inside, which will damage the circuit board.
  • Do not throw, hit or shake the system. Crude treatment of the systemwill destroy it.
  • Do not try to disassemble thesystem. The handling of the system by non-professionals will damage it.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the system.
  • When using or storing the system, please stay away from electromagnetic, radioactive or magnetic equipment.
  • Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the screen, do not use ordinary paper to wipe the screen.
  • The touch screen is easily scratched, do not use sharp objects to avoid damage to the screen.

Common Troubleshooting

Troubles Cause Countermeasure
Unable to turn on The car is not powered Turn on the car
The power cord is not plugged into the radio system Check whether the power cable is connected correctly
The fuse of this system may be burned out Replace with a fuse with the same rated current
The touch screen fails Enter the menu “Settings” and “System” to calibrate the touch screen
The touch screen does not respond The system is processing some affairs (road search, etc.) Wait a while; if it cannot be solved for a long time, it is recommended to ask our after-sales service to assist in the solution
No rear view image Camera is not installed Install the camera and wire it correctly
Camera does not match Replace with a matching camera
GPS cannot locate GPS antenna is not inserted Insert GPS antenna
May be in a shielded area of some GPS signals Drive the car for a certain distance to see if the GPS signal is restored. If it can’t be resolved, please contact our after-sales service
Blind areas of the navigation map, such as some remote mountain roads or individual areas have not been established in the maps Please contact our after-sales service department to confirm the updated maps
Can’t get the route even with fuzzy search First, make sure that the characters you entered are correct, and second, try to enter another name for the place, if you still can’t find it, maybe the place is not in the navigation database
There is blank on the map May be that the navigation scale is too large or too small Change the scale to see whether the map display can be restored. If it’s still not, this may be caused by loss of positioning, which can be resolved by reselecting a marker point.

The car radio with navigation system really greatly improves our in-car life. We should keep it maintained to extended its service life.

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  1. Isabelle Wilson says:

    is there any chance I can get a user manual for my Seicane system? I just bought a 2016 Smart Ca For Two and it has a Seicane system in it, but I can’t get the radio to work or the navigation to work, it shows Brazil I am in BC I don’t know what model it is just that it is Sicane? If possible can you text a manual or user guide to me, PLEASE

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