How to figure out sound problems with your car stereo before upgrading



To pick up an ideal car stereo may not easy for most car owners when they are considering upgrading their factory radio to higher performance. In fact, an ideal car stereo doesn’t always refer to the most expensive one or the most beautiful one. It’s the one from which you can find all the functions or expectations that you need in a car stereo. Therefore, the first and foremost thing is to find out your needs and expectation on a new head unit. Firstly, you can ask yourself that what are the functions that you want the new head unit to come with? In other words, what are the things that you expect a new head unit to bring to you?


To answer the above question, you can firstly look at your current head unit. Do you feel excited when you are listening to your favorite music during your driving? Will you rock yourself as the exciting music is going on in your vehicle? If your answer is no, then the sound effect may be dissatisfying in your factory radio. In this case, you can consider to pick a car stereo with a high-quality sound system to upgrade your factory radio.


The sound is just one of the most important components of the car stereo to consider before upgrading. You may be sure there is some problems with your sound system, but you have no idea about what the exact problem is. The following are some tips for you to find out what might be the problems are in your factory radio.


First of all, please safely park your car in the driveway and listen for a few minutes carefully. Do all the functions work well when you twist all the knobs and press all the buttons on the head unit? Adjust the balance and fader controls, turn on the volume and the tone controls, and then listen to each speaker one by one. Do all the speakers work or do you hear a buzz or a slight rattle?


Secondly, you can drive your car around and listen again to the sound and the speakers carefully. Please turn on the volume high enough so that you can listen clearly. Does the speaker sounds good? Is there anything wrong or abnormal?


At last, you can park your car at a relatively quiet location with your music keeping playing in the same volume as just now. Is there a lot of distortion to be heard? Then you can set the balance, fader, and tone controls right smack in the middle. How do you feel like the sound of the speakers? Is the bass or the treble missing?


With the above steps, you might have a better idea if there is any problem with your sound system. If the test result lets you down, you should consider upgrading your factory radio with a new aftermarket car stereo which comes with high-quality sound effect. To find an ideal car stereo for your car, you can go through with the following link which is from Seicane, a professional car stereo supplier:

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