Troubleshoot your Multifunctional VW Transporter Navigation System

VW Transporter navigation system

VW Transporter navigation system

Do you have a car stereo as the one above? It’s an aftermarket VW Transporter navigation system stereo, and it has many fantastic functions, such as, Mirrorlink, OBD II, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth and so on. Check it out:


It’s great to have an all-in one GPS DVD player in your journey. You can not only enjoy radio or songs in a long journey, but also can set routes in the navigation map and go to wherever you want to go. You may also monitor your car system by car diagnostic system; you may get traffic channel massage by TMC function; you may watch the back of your car from the backup camera and so on.


However, once your head unit breaks down, these functions may not work for you normally. Some functions may stop working individually, too. No matter what problems you meet, you can troubleshoot your head unit at first. Then, take it to a repair shop if you can’t deal with the problems.


The following are some common problems you may meet in a touch screen GPS DVD player as the VW Transporter navigation system above. You can check whether you have the same problems in your car, and follow the solutions to deal with them.


Problem 1: the head unit is not energized.

If you find that the head unit cannot be turn on, please check whether the battery cable is connected correctly first. You can pull the cable out and plug it again to see if it works. If not, please click the reset button on the unit panel and see if it works.


Problem 2: the GPS maps cannot work normally.

If you can open GPS system, but the navigation map works intermittently, please check whether there’s anything interferes with the GPS antenna from receiving signal. If so, please place the GPS antenna in another place where can get easily signal. If it’s not the signal problem, please check whether your GPS card is damaged. You can use another card to store the map to see whether it works.


Problem 3: the rearview camera doesn’t work.

If you find that when you reverse your car, the head unit doesn’t shift to rearview video, please reconnect the camera and the unit. If the unit shifts to rearview video, but you cannot see anything, please check whether the camera is clear or whether it is installed in the correct place.


Problem 4: the 3G/WIFI function doesn’t work.

At the first time you use this function, please go to the setting interface and set options. The Internet connection would be similar to a cell phone’s. You should choose a WIFI hotspot and enter codes when you use the WIFI function.


Wish the information above could help you. If you meet other problems, such as, the screen is broken, the discs get stuck and so on, you’d better go to a repair shop for help.


If you are looking for a new VW Transporter navigation system, please check out the one at the beginning of the text and get it with discount now:


VW Transporter navigation system

VW Transporter navigation system

There are many helpful functions in this head unit. It has Bluetooth function and supports steering wheel control. After connecting your phone to the unit via Bluetooth, you are able to answer calls by clicking buttons on the steering wheel. It has GPS navigation system to show you accurate location and route information. It supports car diagnostic system to monitor your car system and so on.


Make sure it fits your car and add all the optional functions when placing order. Wish you enjoy shopping on


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