How many multimedia features to choose in a car radio?

After you’ve decided to replace your factory radio with a multifunctional car stereo in your car, the thoughts like what will be compatible with your car, how much to spend on this aftermarket car radio, where to go with this latest gadget may come up to your mind. Besides, another thing that the types of the multimedia should also arouse your attention. Do you often listen to music and radio in your car? Would you like to connect your Ipod with the car radio to play your favorite music or just wait for it on the radio station? There questions are listed for you as a reference to consider what kind of multimedia feature you want in your new car radio.


How many multimedia features to choose in a car radio?

How many multimedia features to choose in a car radio?


The following are the main multimedia features to consider when buying a car radio:


1.HD radio

An HD radio is an upgraded radio based on the traditional AM/FM radio, which provides a variety of channels for you to choose from, therefore, you can also take it into consideration for your new car radio. If you are a radio lover, and there is great HD radio coverage in the area you live in, then it is absolutely a feature you should look for. If you don’t know if there is HD radio in your area, you can go to check the available areas in the list of the HD radio stations on the phone or online.


2.Internet radio

Internet radio is a relatively newer radio which requires internet to listen to the radio. It is quite helpful and great for a radio enthusiast. However, if it is hard for you to get access to internet, this kind of radio might not do much good to you. But if you can stream internet from your smartphone, it’s also worth your consideration.


 3.Satellite radio

Satellite radio is also an excellent alternative to conventional radio which may cost you some subscription fee every month. If you are often in the areas that have spotty radio coverage, satellite radio is not a bad idea for you. With satellite radio, you can drive from one side of the country to another without changing the station.




If you have a large CD collection, a CD player is a great option for you. Generally speaking, most car stereos will include a CD player nowadays. One thing you need to pay attention is what kind of formats can be supported by the CD player.



 5.MP3 players

MP3 players are an even better way to bring your digital music collection on the road. If you have an MP3 player, you can find a head unit that has a front-facing auxiliary input which makes you easier to use. Besides, Bluetooth functionality can also allow you to stream MP3s and other digital music files from your smartphone.




iPods are specially designed for Apple’s users. Some car radio has the compatibility of to connect with iPods, if you want to listen to music from your iPod, then these are radios you need to find.


All in all, before you make up your mind to buy a car radio, it’s wise of you to consider clearly which kind of multimedia feature you need most. To help you find the car radios with multimedia feature, I’d like to share a professional car stereo supplier named Seicane for you: Good luck to you!

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