How to Choose an Aftermarket Mercedes Benz B class Radio for Your Car


Are you going to upgrade your Mercedes Benz B class radio but don’t know how to choose a good aftermarket head unit for your car? There are many car stereos on the market for your choice. It will cost you much time to check them one by one. So, you should filter most of them at first. Then, you can check several of them carefully to see if you like them.


There’s something you should do before you go to the market. Please check your original car stereo carefully, and mark down the shape of the frame and the player position height of your car. Normally, there are two sizes of a car stereo, 1 din and 2 din. 1 din is 50mm, and 2 din is 100mm. You can’t install a 2 din car stereo in your 1 din frame.


Now, you go to the market and choose the products for your car model and product year. You can go to physical stores or the online shops. It would be easier to buy a car radio online, because you can compare many of them by tools. However, it would be good to a physical store to buy the head unit, because you can touch the product and test it.


If you have left about 5 aftermarket Mercedes Benz B class radio to be chosen. Now, you can check them one by one carefully.


A car stereo with high configuration works faster than those stereos with low configuration. It’s the same as computers and cell phones. If you can’t tell whether  the car stereo you like is with high configuration, you can read the parameters of the product, and compare the data with other products. Here’s the example.


You can tell which is the best one in this way easily. Of course, a good car stereo may be expensive while a cheap car stereo is not as good as you want. So, you should balance the quality and price when comparing them.


Wish you find a good OEM Mercedes Benz B class radio for your car. If you still don’t know where to start, there’s a multifunction GPS DVD stereo for your choice. It fits 2004-2012 Mercedes Benz B W245 B150 B160 B170 B180 B200 B55. And, it’s on discount now. Check it out:


Mercedes Benz B class Radio

Mercedes Benz B class Radio

This head unit has pure Android 4.2 operation system and dual-core A9 1.6G CPU. It uses U-BLXO G6010 ST chipset and Samsung DDR3 1GB RAM. The Quad-core GPU and H.264 MVC audio decoder bring you HD video and high tone quality. You can download apps, use Mirrorlink and voice search in it.


It supports RDS. You can select channels by program types, such as, news, science, music and so on. It has AF and TA function. And, it supports band AM and FM. You can shift radio to stereo status and listen to local radio stations.


It has navigation system for 3D GPS maps. The map will show you accurate GPS location and route information. It supports Google map, too.


It has file management. The file management makes you possible to edit files from external devices. You can copy, paste or delete them.


It supports OBD II diagnostic system. It makes you possible to monitor the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, intake pressure and so on.


You can set options of display, panel light color, security, GPS system, EQ values,

steering wheel control buttons and so on in the setting interface.


This unit can do more for you. It’s great and on discount now. Check it out and get it immediately.



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4 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    Would you know if I removed my b class 2006 radio and replaced it for a Mercedes bluetooth radio would it work straight away?
    Would I need to do or get anything else?
    Thank you.

  2. Alan says:

    Hi, I have a 2008 Mercedes B200. Can you please give me a price on everything I would need to upgrade the stock unit with an android system that connects to an IPhone, wiring, additional face plates etc…

    • carstereofaqs says:

      This is
      Thanks for interested in our product.
      Could you please send us the photo of your car’s dashboard to  
      And could you please tell us the model and year of your car?
      Then we can help you check if this unit can fit your car or not ,hope you could cooperate with us.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      Thank you & Best regards!

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