How to Mount a 2002-2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Radio


Chrysler PT Cruiser radio

Chrysler PT Cruiser radio

Mount a Chrysler PT Cruiser radio is not as complicated as you think. But, it’s also not so easy. If you are going to remove your old car radio to an aftermarket one with great functions, you can go to the market and find a suitable one for your car first. Then, you can go to a car radio upgrade shop to do the upgrade. You may want to mount the new unit yourself. But it’s not recommended to do so if you know little about stereo upgrade.


An in dash radio requires professional installation so that it works well in the car. You can ask a professional staff for help if you have a detailed installation guide from the dealer. The following are the upgrade steps for a Chrysler PT Cruiser radio for your reference.


Step1: remove the negative cable on the vehicle battery. This is for safety during the installation. Please don’t upgrade the car stereo with power on to avoid short circuit.


Step2: remove the trim panel. You have to remove the trim panel so that you can remove the radio. The trim panel which is around the radio can be removed easily. You just need to use your hands to hold it and pull it out of the dashboard hard. Then, disconnect the wires at the back of the trim panel. There are air vents and buttons on the trim panel. Please take the trim panel off the dashboard with them and put them in a good place.


Step3: remove the radio. You can see screws on the four corners of the radio after removing the trim panel. Use a screwdriver to unscrew them and keep all the screws in a box. Then, take the radio out of the dash by your hands. There are wires at the back of the radio, too. Disconnect them carefully. Then, put the radio aside.


Step4: install the new unit. The new unit will come with wires connections guide in most cases. You should connect it to the original wiring harness correctly. If you connect the wires incorrectly, some functions may not work normally. So, you’d better ask for help if you are not sure about the wires connections. After connected, put the new unit into the dash and test it. Please pay attention to GPS antenna, TV antenna, radio antenna and so on. Their installations should be correctly so that those functions work well.


Step5: install the trim panel. After testing, you can fix the new unit with the screws you removed from the original radio now. Then, install the trim panel back to its original place.


Now, you have mounted a Chrysler PT Cruiser radio successfully. Wish you enjoy the time with the new unit during driving. If you meet problems during usage, please contact the technicians from the dealer for help.


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Chrysler PT Cruiser radio

Chrysler PT Cruiser GPS DVD stereo

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