How to Connect A Phone to this 1996-2011 Toyota Android 4.2 Autoradio by Mirrorlink

Toyota Android 4.2 Autoradio

Toyota Android 4.2 Autoradio


Here’s a Toyota Android 4.2 autoradio from 1996 to 2011. It can be installed in several Toyota models, such as, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Echo and so on. More about this unit is on:


If you know about Mirrorlink, you may know that the connections of different phones may be different. This head unit supports Mirrorlink for IPhone and Samsung Galaxy. And, the connections of these two kinds of phone are different. Let’s see how to connect them to the unit by mirrorlink function.


If you have an Iphone, you should connect your phone with the unit by WIFI. Before the connection, you can click the “AirPin” icon in main menu, and go to the AirPin interface. You can setup for Mirrorlink connection here. Then, you can connect your Iphone to the unit easily.


If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you should use a USB cable to connect your phone to the unit. You may have an “easy connected” icon in the main menu. Enter it and connect your phone by a USB cable. The interface will show you a warning as “connecting…please do not disconnect the USB cable” before the connection done. Wait until it’s OK. Then, you can operate your cell phone in both the head unit screen and your phone screen freely.


The Mirrorlink function is good for sharing things with friends in your car. But, you are not recommended to use this function during driving. Wish you enjoy it. Besides this function, there are other amazing functions in this Toyota Android 4.2 autoradio. Let’s check out.


It has pure Android 4.2 operation system and dual-core A9 1.6G CPU. And, it uses U-BLXO G6010 ST chipset and Samsung DDR3 1GB RAM. The Quad-core GPU and H.264 MVC audio decoder bring you HD video and high tone quality.


The radio function supports RDS. You can select channels by program types, such as, news, science, music and so on. It has AF and TA function. And, it supports band AM and FM. You can shift radio to stereo status and listen to local radio stations.


Toyota Android 4.2 Autoradio

Toyota Android 4.2 Autoradio

The navigation system supports 3D map and online map. You will get accurate GPS location and route information in it.


Connect your phone with the unit via Bluetooth and dial numbers on the screen directly. You can also answer calls on the screen; download phone book from your cell phone; check call history and listen to music from your phone. You can operate on both your phone and the unit.


Insert a SD card to the unit and you can play media files from it. The digital signal processing systems and built-in equalizer make you possible to enjoy perfect audio sound. You can watch videos, listen to songs and view photos. You can also edit photos in this unit.


This unit has built-in WIFI module. You can set a WIFI hotspot in your cell phone and connect this unit to your phone. Then, you can enjoy E-life service as you like. It also supports 3G dongle as options.


Wish you like this Toyota Android 4.2 autoradio. You are welcome to know more functions and get discount of this unit on website:


Here are some parameters of this Toyota head unit:


RDS support Yes. Support AF TA PTY
FM/AM frequency FM: 76.0MHz-108.0MHz AM: 522KHz-1620KHz
Storage quantity 30 stations (FM: 3*6 AM: 2*6)
Radio Receptor PHILIPS 6624
Radio area China European Eastern Europe Russia America Japan Austria
Search method Automatic/Manual


Wifi module Built-in
3G module Optional
WLAN Standard Support 802.11b/g/n



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