How to Deal with Common Usage Problems in Nissan Universal Navigation System

Nissan Universal Navigation System

Nissan Universal Navigation System


It’s an all-in-one Nissan Universal navigation system with 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, SD, TV and many other functions, more on:


Head units with many great functions are welcome by car owner. But, car owners may also be headache if the functions in the unit meet problems. We may have the experiences that our computers or cell phones break down sometime. Once we solve the problems, the products work again. It would be the same with head unit.


Car owner may meet different problems in using car stereos. Let’s see how to deal with the normal problem by ourselves.


If there’s a failure to open the head unit, please check whether the head unit had been installed correctly. In the case of normal, head unit can be opened directly. Inappropriate installation may cause this problem.


If there’s a failure to enter the GPS navigation system, please check if you had set the navigation path. The navigation system won’t work without correct GPS path setting. You should go to the setting interface and set GPS path. The GPS navigation is always in a SD card.


If there’s a failure to use the touch screen function, you have to recalibrate the touch screen. The touch screen may be deflected so that you can’t use it normally.


If there’s a failure of specific speaker, there would be something wrong with the audio setup. You have to go to the system setting and set audio correctly.


If there’s a failure of navigation signal, it may cause by no GPS antenna connection or wrong connection. You have to connect the GPS antenna properly.


If there’s a failure of Bluetooth connection, you can enter the BT setup and check the machine name and code and connect again.


You may meet other problems in using a head unit, but most of the problems can be solved easily. If you meet some problems that I didn’t mention above, you can read the user manual clearly and follow the correct use step of those functions.


If this won’t help, you have other ways to solve them, too.


First, ask online for help.


You may not be the first one to meet the problems, you can ask on GOOGLE, or ask on some forums. You will find this method helps a lot.


Second, ask your friends.


It doesn’t matter if your friends don’t have the same cars as yours, the problems in head units may be in common. If you worry about whether their methods are suitable for use, you can take them as reference and ask a professional.


Third, ask your merchant.


Ask the merchant who sold you this unit would be a good method, but make sure your head unit is still under warranty. The merchant will be willing to help you out from problems anyway.


Nissan Universal Navigation System

Nissan Universal Navigation System

If you are looking for a new Nissan Universal navigation system, let me introduce the one at the beginning of the text. It’s great and cheap. Here are the key functions.


It supports 3D GPS map with voice navigation all the way. When you are not on the way which had set before, it will have voice prompts and re-plan the route automatically.


It supports 3-zone advanced POP technology. You can use GPS system and enjoy entertainment in one clear screen at a time. It supports special rearview camera for your car. It will enter the camera menu once you reverse the car.


It supports car speed DVR. It will automatically record the front of the vehicles and real-time storage when driving. You can playback the video through computer, TV and mobile telephone.


More of this Nissan Universal navigation system on:



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